Taking a Look at 2014 Travel Trends: Airports, Hotels, Cruises

travel trends

Today nothing is just what it says. A phone is supposed to make calls and communicate with others, instead Smart phones of today are entertainment unit, work desk, library and internet hub rolled into one. Same is the case with everything else. Take for example airports in major world cities. Are these airports meant just for providing fly-in and fly-out services? No they are not. If you look at the best airports around the world, they have transformed into an entire sub-city, where anything you ask for is available. There are so many shops, pretty amazing restaurants, cafes, spas, botanical gardens, local food, Wi-Fi and innumerable charging points.

Each year, something or the other changes in each industry and travel industry seems to be the most dynamic of all. Every aspect of travel industry is undergoing awesome changes and sometime dramatic transformations. Being a service industry, the focus was always on convenience for travellers, but the level of investment and indulgence has gone a couple of notches up. All the sectors are being upgraded to stay in-tune with the latest market or technological changes.

The introduction of check-in apps will help save time and effort. The presence of Wi-Fi and entertainment units throughout hotels will make lobbies a more interactive and social place. Some hotels like Grand Royale London Hyde Park Hotel are looking forward to introducing interesting deals and offers like food and drink coupons, bonus points, etc in exchange for daily house-keeping service. Hotels are coming out of old convention and designs when it comes to styling and décor, creating a much more happening environment for guests.

Not just the hotels and airports, but cruises are gearing up for 2014 too. Plans to introduce ubiquitous Wi-Fi service will enable people onboard to stay in touch with their businesses and families while on the move in the middle of the sea. Luxury cruises have up the ante too to stay at par with the prevalent affluence in other modes of travel and hotels. If you haven’t yet experienced a cruise travel, this is the year to do it as its going to be one of the luxurious times of your life.