Summertime films- Grand Royale’s favourite outdoor cinemas

Outdoor Cinema

There’s nothing better than sitting down in the cinema with a huge bucket of popcorn to watch one of your favourite films. The cinema has been a go-to date night venue for decades and is a perfect way for friends to come together and enjoy the latest blockbusters.

Now that summer is here, a lot of people will choose to spend their time outside instead of sitting inside to watch a movie. Fortunately, when you come to London you won’t need to choose between the two because the city is home to a variety of outdoor cinemas and picture houses.

Open-air screens bring the magic of cinema to the outdoors, which means you can now enjoy a beautiful warm evening without having to give up the popcorn. We’ve put together a collection of the best outdoor cinemas in London where you can watch your favourite flicks this summer.

Luna Cinema

There are a lot of open-air theatres in London but this amazing outdoor experience is like no other, unless you remember ever lazing in a rubber dingy as you watch a movie from a huge swimming pool. That’s just one example of the quirky venues where Luna Cinema choose to house their film nights. Instead of sitting in the same stiff seats with sticky floors and no leg room, head to one of the Luna film nights for a truly unique cinematic experience.

Outdoor Cinema

The Nomad

This is one of London’s more laidback open-air cinemas, with a relaxed vibe and warm, friendly atmosphere. The outdoor events take place at various venues around the city and have become favourites of film fans. The great thing about Nomad events is that it’s not just about watching a film, it’s also a social event that brings hundreds of movie lovers together for a night of fun, laughter and maybe a few tears. Expect to see some of the best cult classics such as The Goonies and Vertigo when you head to one of The Nomad’s outdoor screenings.

Rooftop Film Club

Open-air theatre is taken very literally at the Rooftop Film Club events, which are hosted throughout the year at the top of some of London’s tall structures. Enjoy one of your favourite classic flicks or new releases from the top of places like the Bussey Building in Peckham, where you can look out over the entire city and watch it light up as the sun goes down. Check out the next rooftop event for an amazing movie experience, but just hope that the building has an elevator or you’ll be taking the stairs.

Somerset House

The historic Somerset house will be invaded this August by swarms of film lovers and cinema enthusiasts for two weeks of cult classics and new releases. The huge cobble square is home to some of the best social gatherings and summer events, from water fountain fun to food markets and fashion stalls. If you want to experience the fun of open-air theatre during your stay at the Grand Royale Hotel Hyde Park London then head over to the beautiful Somerset House this August.