Suitable clothing for September in London


It is a well known fact that the weather in the UK can be very variable. Often jokes are made about the amount of time it rains, and how this affects the mood of British people but if you aren’t familiar with the weather, then it can be tricky to know what to pack for a visit. September, typically, is an autumn month which would suggest warmer clothes would be needed; however, it’s not unusual for Britain to experience a late surge in temperatures, and to enjoy hot and sunny days, almost as though it were still the height of summer!

If you are planning a visit to London during September then the best advice we can offer is to bring clothing which can easily be layered. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to predict what the weather will be like, and the majority of traveller’s won’t want to use up their limited amount of luggage space trying to pack for every eventuality. This is completely understandable but does still beg the question, what do you need to bring with you?

Firstly, it’s not going to be freezing so a light, waterproof jacket will suffice for outer clothing. If you are planning on walking around the capital city then this will keep you warm, if not perhaps bring a warmer jumper which you can wear underneath in case of days which may feel particularly chilly. This is perhaps more necessary if you are coming from warmer climes and are more likely to notice the drop in temperature. In terms of footwear, something waterproof which is comfortable to walk around in is fine. In all likelihood, there will be rain during your visit, unfortunately the rumours are true that it rains a lot here and so this is one area where it will pay to be prepared.

You may want to bring some summer clothing as a back up but there are a number of cheap high street stores in London such as Primark which would tide you over if the weather were to take an unexpected turn either way and you find yourself unprepared.