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Hyde Park finds a prominent spot in most London-goers’ itinerary. This is hardly surprising, since Hyde Park has always managed to capture public appreciation since times immemorial. Apart from being a walkers’ paradise and lovers’ romantic getaway, it has also seen innumerable events, concerts, shows, demonstrations and protests over the years. Hyde Park is connected to the very pulse of London public life in a way most other landmarks are not, and this is what makes it as desirable as a tourist attraction. When it comes to getting satisfactory Hyde Park accommodation, one is spoilt for choice due to the sheer variety on offer.

Hyde Park accommodation is split across major avenues and bustling thoroughfares in one of the prime locations available. There are magnificent hotels all through Oxford Street, Kensington Gardens, Park Lane and Bayswater among other areas. Most hotels specialize in understated yet luxurious hospitality including the best that London has to offer in terms of food, beverages and entertainment.

If Hyde Park accommodation is yours and you’re starved for entertainment, the park itself offers you a galaxy of options. Rides on the solar shuttle or just good old fashioned boating, you can indulge in other delights as well such as a dekko at the combined café and centre for tennis. There are well-known café bars, tourist delights like the Speaker’s corner, restaurants and even deck chairs for basking amidst the comfort of Nature. There are toilets and adequate facilities for the disabled and elderly. Senior citizens can avail of their exclusive play-area, containing advanced exercise gear to help users improve body balance and overall physical well-being.  The children’s playground in Hyde Park helps cater to the demands of little ones too. What are you waiting for? Get a taste of Hyde Park and its attractions now!