Staying in Touch on Business Trips is So Important And Easy


Some people envy those who have jobs which allow them to travel to various places. Well if you have a travel job like if you are a travel writer, a travel show host or a food critic, then definitely your job is enviable. But there is not much fun when you are a business traveller. First of all business trips are very frequent and sometimes for a long duration. And secondly, such trips may not be to a nice touristy location, where you can enjoy a little on the side while keeping up with work.

It is often seen that more than anything else, travelling businessmen miss their families the most. It is true that they get a nice hotel, decent food and other facilities, but when you have to stay away from families, you can get a little homesick. It is nice to chat with your family after a long day of meetings and work. But if it has been more than a week or so and you really want to see your family, there are much better ways to connect with them that just telephone.

With things like Skype, apple’s Face Time and Google Hangout, you can video chat with your loved ones. Showing your kids your face every day is a nice way to connect with them. On busy days you may feel like just texting a ‘good night’ message to your partner instead of a 15 minute phone call. Instead of that, you could just turn on video chat for 5 minutes and let them know how your day was, it is much more personal.

If you are in a different time zone, managing time can get a little difficult. Make a little effort to pick a time at which both of you are comfortable, even if it is while you are having dinner in your room. This way when you go back home, you will not have a bag full of stories and your partner won’t have a bucketful of questions. All you need to do is find a hotel which provides a fast, glitch free Wi-Fi internet connection and you will never go too far away from your families.