Starbucks’ Secret Stars: The Drinks You Didn’t Know You Can Order

starbucks coffee

Starbucks. It’s a pretty irresistible place, isn’t it? Each branch offering an unbeatable blend of terrific-tasting coffee and a sophisticated yet relaxed, friendly vibe. And yet, if you’re a frequent, well, frequenter of the chain, were you aware that there are many more drink combos available than those advertised on the big board behind the counter?

In fact, it’s been estimated that more than 87,000 drink concoctions are possible at Starbucks. Staggering, eh? The truth is, any decent branch should be able to vend the beverage of your choice thanks to the fact that making a good coffee is like mixing a good cocktail; think of your barista as a mixologist more than a hot-drink-maker. So, should you fancy a coffee break in a busy day of sightseeing during your stay with us – at our outstanding Bayswater hotel London – by stepping into the Starbucks branch just three minutes away (47-49 Queensway), what little-known delights can you order…?

Get that extra kick

In need of a true pick-me-up? If so, how about ordering a ‘Red Eye’; it’s a regular drip coffee with an additional espresso shot. If that’s not enough then there’s a ‘Black Eye’ (an additional two espresso shots) and then a ‘Green Eye’ (three additional ones). To really get you buzzing, though, you might want to give a go, erm, a ‘Liquid Cocaine’, which comprises white chocolate syrup over a glass of ice – and four espresso shots!

Pulled in by The Undertow

More than likely owing its moniker to the ocean current, ‘The Undertow’ is rather a clever creation and, frankly, very cocktail-ish in that, once served, its bottom half is different to its top half. It’s made with three syrup pumps in an espresso cup, followed by some milk and then topped off by two espresso shots. Yes, the thing will resemble an alcoholic shot – and should be consumed exactly like one.

Chocolate offerings

nuttela latte

The delicious-sounding ‘Nutella Latte’ tastes just as great as its name suggests, given that it’s composed of a Caffè Misto with a pump of chocolate syrup, another of hazelnut syrup and drizzled with caramel to finish. And another flavour-tastic drink can be created by adding to a Caramel Frappuccino caramel syrup, more hazelnut syrup, java chips and caramel and/ or mocha drizzle… resulting in, yes, a ‘Twix Frappuccino’. Lip-smackingly good!

Medicinal solution

Feeling a little sneezy and bunged up during a wintry visit to Bayswater London? Just pop into the local Starbucks and order a ‘Medicine Ball’ (or ‘Coldbuster’). What on earth is it? Well, basically, it’s a steaming cup of tea with several cold remedies. It’s made via a Jade Citrus Mint teabag mixed with a Peach Tranquillity teabag in a half-cup’s worth of boiling-water, which is then filled to the brim by adding steamed lemonade, honey and a pump of peppermint syrup. That should clear the airways!

Hogsmeade’s finest

Finally, sorry to break it to you, but nobody can actually visit the delightful Hogsmeade with its charming Olde English pub just outside Hogwarts because, yes, the world of Harry Potter isn’t real. Boo! But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a crack at creating Hogsmeade’s most beloved beverage – Butterbeer. Add two pumps of caramel syrup and one or two more of toffee nut syrup to a Crème Frappuccino, drizzling it with caramel on top, and… eh voilà, you have a ‘Butterbeer Frappuccino’! For a caffeinated alternative (a ‘Butterbeer Latte’) add the first two ingredients above to the same Crème Frappuccino, along with Cinnamon Dolce syrup, whipped cream and salted caramel bits. Wizard!