Spending A Rainy Day In Bayswater

London in Rain

Rainy days can really make people feel glum, and when the clouds are grey it seems like there nothing left to do but sit inside, and watch the clouds as they empty the skies with rain. You might have come to visit London’s diverse and metropolitan borough Bayswater, for a good time, a bite to eat and some shopping. But now the thought of doing anything in the rainy weather may seem like a drag. Well don’t let the bad weather spoil your fun! There are so many amazing things to do in Bayswater no matter rain or shine and you won’t want to leave after all the fun you’ll have. In this article we will go through some of the things you can do in Bayswater if the weather is grey and rainy. We’ll be giving you some Survival Tips For London Visitors, and this should really help you when you’re in the area. Bayswater is really a wonderful place to visit so if you’re ever in the West London area you should definitely check it out.

London in Rain
One of the first things you can do in Bayswater is visit one of the many fantastic restaurants in the area. This is a place where fine dining is inspired by cultures from all around the world! When you visit Bayswater only you can decide which kind of food you’ll fancy. Take your time: have a good look around and choose something that’ll really satisfy your hunger and give you a wonderful experience. If your one of the many people who loves Chinese food then you should check out the Four Seasons, a traditional Cantonese restaurant famed for its delicious dishes and gorgeous roast duck. If you want to check out this restaurant, you’ll find it in nearby Queensway in the Bayswater area. If Chinese isn’t your thing then there’s always Greek to choose from with the Satorini Restaurant, which is a brilliant place to eat with stunning décor that transports you to the sunny Satorini Island as you eat. As well as traditional Greek spreads and a range of hot and cold starters, there is also a range of set menus with classic dinner choices like fish, meat, pasta, and vegetarian. The choice is amazing and this restaurant has received rave reviews from many people. If Indian is more your thing then you should definitely check out Masala Zone, Bayswater. This restaurant has received praise from famous publications such as Evening Standard, who rated Masala Zone as one of London’s six best Indian restaurants! With an unusual mix of street food and traditional Indian food, this restaurant is a top choice for many people visiting the Bayswater area. Don’t let that rainy day get you down! Bayswater has some of the best restaurants in London so don’t miss out. If you don’t fancy eating then Bayswater has a brilliant bowling alley that you can visit with a group of friends or family. All Star Lanes is a retro-American boutique six-lane alley based in Bayswater, and it’s a very popular choice for people who want to have some good ole’ competitive fun. The bowling alley also sells cocktails, burgers and chicken so if you like traditional American style dining, then this is the perfect choice. When you’re done eating and playing bowling, you can retreat to one of the Hotels In Bayswater such as the Grand Royale London in Hyde Park.