So What Are A Business Traveler’s Favorite Hotel Amenities

hotel amenities

As a traveller it really turns you off when you do not get adequate hospitality. Whether it is the lack of warmth and enthusiasm of the hotel staff or the lack of amenities, you really want certain things to click while you are away from the comforts of your home. Business travellers are most particular about the way they want things in their hotel room or what kind of hotels they like to stay in. The reason why they are so picky is that when you stay away from your home so much, you expect to be pampered a little more than you would have if you were working at home. More than that, business travellers stay in the best of hotels always and travel almost every week, hence they are habitual to world class services and amenities. You can list a business traveller’s favourite hotel amenities as the following.

• If your hotel is offering little amenities like toothbrush, shampoo, creams, conditioner, hair dryer, deodorant and soap, you will not have to worry about getting ready for a meeting, even if you forgot to pack your own set of toiletries. They might sound little amenities but they come in very handy and are so loved.

• You are hungry and need something to munch while you prepare a presentation. Till your order arrives you can munch on potato chips, fruits, drink a glass of juice or soda from a mini-fridge in the room. Even a bottle of mineral water in the room is good enough.

• A tea-coffee making machine in the room is a blessing and is among the most in-demand hotel amenities.

• Time is one thing businessmen are always short of. And hence a shuttle service which can connect the hotel to the airport speedily, easily lands in the list of a business traveller’s favourite hotel amenities. Not only does it save time, an express transport is so much more convenient than waiting for a cab. Some businessmen pick hotels based on this quality alone.

• Handling both business and babies is a tough task and hotels which can provide family-friendly amenities are instant favourite amongst business travellers with family.