Send in the clowns- this summer’s best circus shows near Paddington

Circus Show

If you’re in London then the circus is always in town and this summer there looks to be a line-up of amazing shows and spectacular events for you to see. The city is known for its talented performers and this summer’s circus events promise to display some the very best of London’s acrobatic and comedic talent.

Experience the magic of traditional circus performances at one of the amazing events as you gather around with friends and family for a night of laughter and amazement. Here’s our ultimate guide to the best shows and performances where you can experience thrills, spills and laughter.

Catch Me (Attrape Moi)

This traveling troupe of acrobats has performed on stages and in venues all around the world to crowds of thousands. The incredible display of skill shown by theses flying artists is like nothing you have seen before. Watch in amazement as the group of acrobats perform astonishing flips, tricks and summersaults across the stage. There’s a giant blackboard at the back of the performance area which is used as a blank canvas by the performers who use chalk to communicate messages to the audience. This show is the perfect blend of modern circus artistry and classic humour, making it suitable for all the family.

Circus Show

Children Are Stinky

As you may be able to tell from the title, this circus extravaganza is aimed towards a younger audience, or anyone with a big funny bone who loves a good joke. Take the kids to one of the funniest circus shows this year and watch as their eyes light up and they’re forced into fits of laughter by the hilarious Australian circus group. Witness all of the classic circus tricks like hula-hooping, juggling and chair balancing performed by long-time professionals. The perfect balance of whacky jokes, slapstick humour and breath-taking feats of skill make this show one of the best family events of the summer.

The Circus of Horrors

Not for the squeamish or the easily spooked, this ghoulish performance from The Circus of Horrors is sure to get the hairs standing up on the back of your neck. The troupe of ghastly characters has become famous for its outlandish and extravagant productions that blend classical horror with the world of circus art. Let yourself be taken on a journey through a twisted world of horrors as you witness death-defying stunts and bizarre performances. This is one of the most eerily immersive experiences in London and is definitely worth seeing on your city break.

Jungle Book

The classic children’s book and film has been adapted and brought into the vibrant world of circus art. Say goodbye to the characters you read about when you were younger and say hello to new versions of the lovable critters. Bagheera has been transformed from a well-spoken guardian to a graffiti artist and Baloo is now a beat-boxing bin man. Rudyard Kipling’s classic tale has been brought into the 21st Century with amazing stunts and incredible acrobatics. The show can be seen at the Underbelly Festival in South Bank, which means it will be easy to reach from our Hotels near Hyde Park London. So take advantage of this amazing opportunity and bring the kids along to see this unique performance.