Romania Shopping: Useful Information

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Romania offers the same choice of shopping experiences as other European cities. Markets are great places to pick up handcrafted goods and see a bit of local life, and take place in towns, cities and villages across the country. Sighişoara hosts a market twice a week – you’ll see people from the Roma community and the surrounding rural villages come along to the market on horses and carts to sell their goods. Elsewhere, the Central Market in Cluj-Napoca is also an interesting place to visit.

Romania also hosts some Christmas markets. The medieval city of Sibiu hosts one in its Greater Square, with events and activities for all the family. There is also a Christmas market in Bucharest, with stalls, concerts and carousel rides.

If you’re looking for souvenirs, Romanian wine is a good option, so consider buying some bottles to take home. If you’re in Brasov and want to enjoy a drop before you go home, Crama Vinoteca allows you to bring along your own bottles to fill.

If you’re only staying in Bucharest and would like to purchase a traditional Romanian item as a souvenir, such as folk costumes, head to the shop at the National Peasant Museum.

The number of shopping malls in Romania has increased rapidly in recent years, particularly in Bucharest – and there are lots of opportunities for bargains.