Relaxation and fun for all the family at Vauxhall Park


Address: Lawn Lane, London SW8 1 GA

One of London’s best but inconspicuous outdoor spaces, Vauxhall Park is a perfect attraction for all the family and a great place to head to for fresh air and relaxation during a London getaway.

Located in a quiet and secluded area of central London, the park is a great place to head to in order to relax and unwind from the stresses of travel in the bustling and busy English capital.

Great sights to see and things to do at Vauxhall Park

There is something for guests of all ages at Vauxhall Park, with visitors able to take part in a range of sporting activities, including tennis and basketball, as well as simply being able to sit back and relax in the beautiful greenery of the area.

Visitors can also enjoy the park’s very own Lavender Garden – a true delight for the senses – as well as being able to enjoy a range of refreshments at the on-site cafe.

Kids can enjoy the fun and games of the Children’s Playground, while mums and dads are more than welcome to watch on the sidelines from any one of the park’s sponsored benches (each of which has been donated by a generous benefactor).

Open daily from 7.30 am to sunset, Vauxhall Park is a perfect getaway for all the family and a wonderful place to visit for anyone planning a trip to the English capital.

Other attractions in the local area

Vauxhall Park is not the only attraction in the area though, with some of London’s most popular and famous landmarks and sights to be seen in relatively close proximity. Options for visitors keen to explore the many excellent attractions of the surrounding area include:

    • Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens (0.2 miles, four minutes’ travel time on foot/via public transport)
    • Vauxhall City Farm (0.4 miles, eight minutes)
    • The Kia Oval (0.5 miles, nine minutes)
    • Tate Britain (0.7 miles, nine minutes)
    • The London Dungeon (1.3 miles, 19 minutes)
    • Westminster Abbey (1.3 miles, 18 minutes)
    • Sea Life London Aquarium (1.3 miles, 16 minutes)
    • Imperial War Museum (1.1 miles, 15 minutes)
    • Churchill War Rooms (1.6 miles, 22 minutes)
    • London Eye (1.4 miles, 18 minutes)
    • Palace of Westminster (1.2 miles, 15 minutes)
    • Big Ben (1.4 miles, 17 minutes)
    • Shrek’s Adventure (1.2 miles, 18 minutes)
    • The View from the Shard (2.5 miles, 21 minutes)
    • Southwark Cathedral (2.4 miles, 20 minutes)

Where to shop near Vauxhall Park

Visitors to Vauxhall Park can also scratch that retail itch when planning a trip to the local area, with many big name, high street stores to be found close by. Some of the most popular retailers in the UK have stores in the area, including Oasis, Waitrose, Pret a Manger, Majestic Wine, plus many more besides.

Shopping In London

Underground travel to Vauxhall Park

For visitors planning to head to Vauxhall Park, one of the simplest and most direct means of transport in the city is the extensive London Underground network. An affordable option for many, the Tube (as it’s colloquially known) is one of the most advanced and reliable public transport networks on the planet.

Travellers keen to visit Vauxhall Park can make use of several nearby Underground stations, including:

    • Vauxhall (Victoria line)
    • Pimlico (Victoria line)
    • Oval (Northern line)

Vauxhall Station is also located just a short walk from the park and offers overground rail services to many other parts of the English capital and beyond. Travellers should head to the official website of Transport for London to find out more about all local public transport options in the area of Vauxhall Park.

Parking for visitors to Vauxhall Park

Anyone hoping to take to the roads of the English capital during their time in the city can also be assured of many excellent places to park when they arrive at their destination.

The area around Vauxhall Park is perhaps more sparsely populated with facilities than some other areas, but there are options for motorists, including:

    • Victoria Station Car Park (1.3 miles, 26 minutes’ travel time on foot)
    • Cornwall Road Car Park (1.8 miles, 36 minutes)
    • UPark Waterloo – Addington Street Car Park (1.3 miles, 27 minutes)
    • Rosery Car Park (1.7 miles, 34 minutes)
    • Carrington Street Car Park (2.2 miles, 45 minutes)
    • London Borough of Lambeth Parking Services (1.3 miles, 25 minutes)

Drivers planning journeys in the English capital are reminded that traffic can be dense during the day and into the evening, so it is always wise to avoid travelling by car at the busiest times of the day. Motorists are also urged to plan their journeys in advance to avoid the busiest routes and to pre-book their parking when possible, as spaces can be limited.