Pros and Cons of Getting a Tourist Pass in London

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There are many perks to getting a London Tourist Pass, but in any decent analysis of these benefits it is also worth noting both the pros and cons. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the pass, helping you get to grips with what it is and what it can offer you – as well as providing a few tips on whether the pass is right for you…

What is the London Tourist Pass?

Put simply, the London Tourist Pass helps to unlock some of the most important tourist attractions the city has to offer. There’s a huge wealth of attractions covered by the pass, spanning more than eighty unique destinations.

As well as providing great value for money, investing in the pass can be customised to your needs – with one to ten day passes available. The passes include an accessible price structure for both adults and children, and will allow you to access everything from great London tours to rides and fantastic historic spaces.

Using the London Tourist Pass

Getting started with the London Tourist Pass is easy – you simply need to download the pass using the handy phone app. You’ll then be able to show it to the appropriate staff members at participating venues, providing a quick way to visit top London destinations while staying at 4 star hotels in central London.

The pass has been designed to give you access to much more than just the attractions in London – you’ll also be able to use key public transport by downloading the pass, as well as visiting some of the best river cruises, tour buses and theme parks the city has to offer.

Key attractions on the London Tourist Pass

You can access a huge number of tourist sites using the London Tourist Pass, but we’ve selected a few of the very best to help demonstrate how much value you can get from your initial investment. Each of these venues provides a unique look at some of the city’s major cultural highlights.

London Zoo

Families love visiting ZSL London Zoo, with its stunning surroundings and huge number of animals from around the world. The zoo is one of the oldest in the world, but it has also grown over the years to become a noted centre of research with true international acclaim.

St Paul’s Cathedral

One of London’s oldest churches, St Paul’s Cathedral is an iconic part of the city skyline, and also a popular modern tourist attraction. It has become synonymous with the royal family due to its many famed weddings (and funerals), but is also a treasure trove for fans of historic architecture.

Whether you’re an avid fan of the space or simply want to see one of the most important buildings in London up close, the London Tourist Pass will bring you a step closer while staying at the Grand Royale Hotel Hyde Park.

Westminster Abbey

A historic abbey with a wealth of history to explore, Westminster Abbey houses the tombs of some of the UK’s most famous figures, but it also acts as a working church in the heart of London. In addition, the abbey has played an integral role in a number of nationwide celebrations and cultural events, and continues to be the go-to destination for state occasions.

Where do I buy my pass?

There’s no need to pre-order you London Tourist Pass – you can simply download it online for added convenience and ease of use. This is a fantastic way to immediately gain entry to top London locations.

Why get a London Tourist Pass?

While the London Tourist Pass offers plenty of great benefits, not everyone will be able to take advantage of them. Some of the major reasons to invest include:

  • You’re staying with family 

If you’re staying in London with a group of varying ages, then the London Tourist Pass will help to unlock some of the city’s top destinations for you all. The pass helps promote a wide variety of attractions specifically designed with families in mind, with so many to choose from that you’ll have to plan carefully to see them all while staying at Hyde Park accommodation.

  • You’re here for a short time

For visitors with plenty of time free to explore on a short trip to the city, the London Tourist Pass is a fantastic option. This will allow you to quickly and easily access key locations throughout the city and enable you to pack plenty of activities into your short stay – all while saving money at the same time.

Potential cons of a London Tourist Pass

If you’re still not sure whether the Tourist Pass is right for you, then you could be right if:

  • You don’t have much spare time

The Tourist Pass doesn’t produce much return on investment if you’re sure you won’t have time to use it, so if you don’t plan on visiting attractions each day of your trip, then you probably won’t get much value from the pass.

Consider carefully whether you’re going to visit enough locations for it to be worth your initial financial outlay. We recommend only buying the pass if you’ll be visiting at least two attractions each day.

  • You want to stay off the beaten track

London is about much more than just the major tourist attractions. However, unfortunately these lesser-known destinations aren’t usually covered by the Tourist Pass, which is designed specifically for seeing the major sights and attractions of the city.

If you want to experience London more like a local, then you might be better off simply choosing the ones which appeal and staying away from the major touristic hotspots. Most of the attractions which the Tourist Pass covers are located in the centre of the city, so will likely have limited appeal for repeat visitors who have already seen and done the traditional tourist locations.