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London Food

When we talk of London what comes to your mind other than rich lifestyle, scenic beauty and shopping. Not to forget the mouth watering British cuisine which is indeed not a miss? The British people have a natural love for some seafood and this comprise of fish and chips which is their staple breakfast. Other than seafood they also enjoy other cuisines such as the Indian, Magalia, Japanese and the French food. Few of the English chefs are popular all over the world and you would be lucky if you get to taste their cooked food or even get a glance of it. One of these renounced cooks is the most known Raymond Blanc who will accompany his efficient team of chefs such as the Aggi Sverrisson and Xavier Rousset, co-owners of Texture Restaurant in London’s Portman Square. They are coming over to London to create history and you can be a part of this event too.

They will be coming to London and present a special dining experience just for few lucky ones for just one night. Raymond will take over the kitchen and one again show us the magic in his hands and cook one of the most mouth watering dishes from Le Manoir, and Texture’s chef and co-owner Aggi Sverrisson treasures who will be helping him cook one of the most famous recipes which the world knows him for. If you wish to be a part of this awaited event then just to give you some heads up.

The twilight will begin with Champagne greetings in the Texture bar at 7pm, followed by a only one of its kind seven-course tasting menu particularly created by Raymond and Aggi.

Every course will be go along with with wines selected by Master Sommelier and Texture co-owner Xavier Rousset.