Park Hotel London Promising A Green Holiday

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Imagine yourself sitting in a green meadow beside a beautiful sparkling lake with your eyes closed and the soothing music of chirping birds tickling your ears. How wonderful! Isn’t it? It is high time that you take a break from your busy schedule and charge your senses by sparing some time to enjoy the wonders of nature by holidaying at one of your favorite destinations. The best way to do this is to stay at a Hyde Park hotel London that gives you a great chance to enjoy nature in a laid-back attitude.

London, the financial hub of not only Europe but the whole world, boasts of numerous sites of interest and attractions that are enjoyed by tourists from all over the world. The city is marked by its towering skyline, world-class infrastructure, is famous Tube train, Heathrow (the world’s busiest airport), large Victorian houses and Royal residences. Apart from all these, London is also widely known for its numerous sprawling parks and lush gardens making it a green capital. One of the largest parks in the city is Hyde Park spread over 142 hectares. If you have a look at the map of the city, the vastness of the park is sure to catch your eye instantly. Hyde Park has a lot to offer to its visitors and those who hail from far and wide places must choose to stay at a Hyde Park hotel in London to enjoy the beauty of the park.

An interesting aspect about the parks of London is that most of them are a century or two old and also have a story filled with gripping historic events. For instance, Chelsea Physic Garden was established 1673 with the aim of researching role of plants in medicine and has played an important role in botanical and horticulture research work in the city. Some other parks of the city are Hampstead Heath (located in greater London), Green Park (situated in the north of Buckingham Palace), Kensington Gardens (earlier a part of Hyde Park), Regent’s Park (has places for boating, sailing archery and tennis) and St. James Park (set in the bustling ‘West End’). However, Hyde Park still remains the biggest green attraction for visitors with all its charm, the Serpentine Lake, 4000 trees memorials and other numerous attractions situated inside it. People who love to be near greenery during holidays in the buzzing city must find an accommodation at a Hyde Park hotel in London.

By staying close to the park you not only breathe in fresh air but can also escape into the lap of nature with a tree-hugging earnestness whenever you want. This means that during your stay at a Hyde Park Hotel London, you can go for jogging or cycling to the park. This will also ensure that you enjoy a healthy and green holiday in the city. To choose from the finest suites of part hotel London, visit now.