Norman Foster Proposes Elevated Bike Network in London to Fight Traffic Woes


Wouldn’t it be nice if we won’t have to wait in long traffic jams? Travelling by road, especially in peak office hours can be a nightmare for people living in mega-cities. With millions of cars fighting for space on city roads, travelling in cars causes more than just the problem of time wastage. The amount of fuel that is wasted in traffic jams is enormous. If all this fuel is saved, it could solve so many fuel pricing and conservation problems. Over population of cars on road is a major cause of rise in population in big cities.

Over the years, many environmentalists and scientists have come up with many environment friendly and fuel efficient products, cars and methods, which have contributed to the cause in one way or the other. A proposal with similar intentions has been put forth by famous architect Norman Foster of Fosters + Partners. The veteran architect has proposed to build a SkyCycle, which will be a separate path for cycle riders. This 136 mile long route is aimed at reducing the traffic burden on existing roads.

If approved, this plan will prove to be really beneficial, not just for the environment but for pockets and for health. With so much traffic on roads, cycle has long been the swiftest means of transport of all. No amount of fuel is require to ride a cycle, which means that cycling is the best way to conserve the precious oil and save heaps of money which is spent on daily commute. Plus it is amazing for one’s health.

The approval and implementation of the plan is still many years away but the idea has already been lauded by many. This huge network will have over 200 entrance points and each route could be used by 12000 cyclists per hour. With population on the rise and the number of vehicles in the city increasing every day, an idea as radical as this is required to make cities like London a little less clustered. It is an amazing way to save time, fuel efficiency, control the rise of pollution and of promoting good health.