All You Need to Know About Notting Hill and Bayswater

notting hill

Looking At staying at Bayswater London Hotels or merely interested in the area? Then you’ve come to the right blog. This affluent area of West London is well known for its classy architecture, its beautiful parks and great shopping opportunities. It’s also one of the most sought after and culturally rich parts of the city as well, making it perfect for a visit. Like with most areas of London, Notting Hill and Bayswater have their own unique personality, making each part of the city its own place both culturally and atmospherically.

Notting Hill

Notting Hill

Notting Hill is known as one of the most affluent areas of the city, don’t let that put you off or intimidate you as it’s a very down to earth area. With a great cosmopolitan neighbourhood and a huge number of famous alumni from the area, you can be sure to find many blue plaques and places of historical intrigue in Notting Hill. With a great association with alternative culture and a massive community of artists, Notting Hill has established itself as one of the best places in London to meet likeminded individuals who enjoy the creative inspiration and freedom the area brings.



The area of Bayswater is also in West London and is home to a large Greek community alongside some beautiful Greek Orthodox architecture. If you’re looking for a mix of cultures then you’ve come to the right place, Bayswater is home to a large Arab Community as well, meaning that many shops and restaurants cater to this style of cuisine. Bayswater is made up of beautiful Victorian stucco terraces and prim English gardens. If you’re just staying in the area, there are many lovely boutique hotels near Bayswater which offer great value deals on rooms.

Sites of interest

There are lots of things to do in Notting Hill and Bayswater, making it one of the top tourist destinations in the city.

Hyde Park

walk in the Hyde park in London

One draw to the area of Notting Hill and Bayswater is the close-proximity to Hyde Park. As one of the most well-known and extensive parks in the city, you can be sure to find entertainment in the beautiful Serpentine Lake, wondrous open-air sculptures and memorials as well as year-wide events spanning from music to theatre.

Little Venice

Little Venice

The aptly named Little Venice is a series of canals and cafes surrounding the Paddington area. Here you will be able to find scenic walks and boutique shops catering to many different tastes. With a range of events concerning the canals and boats that run up and down the area, you can be sure to find a lot going on Little Venice. What’s more for travel purposes, it lies directly next to Paddington Station, one of the biggest London stations catering to the rest of the country.

Marble Arch

Marble arch

Built in the 1820’s by John Nash, Marble Arch is one of the most well-known monuments in the city. After it’s moving to various sites, Marble Arch is a must see British landmark in the Bayswater and Notting Hill area.