Losing Yourself in Alice’s Adventures in the Wonderland

Royal Opera House; London

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the 1865 epic creation of the English author Leiws Carroll, is still popular among readers of all age groups. The Royal Ballet and the National Ballet of Canada adapted and produced this classic to stage their splendid ballet with their elegant choreography and music. The choreographer for the production was Christopher Wheeldon. Since 1995 this classic production under the banner of the Royal Ballet has won many a feather in their hats. It was their first full-length work since 1995 which was taken to stage in 2011.

Among a host of noteworthy entertainment events in 2013, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in the form of ballet is truly a wonder event. It was being staged as the Royal Opera House at Covent Garden in London from 15th March 2013 till 20th April 2013. This beautiful composition tuned to mellifluous scores by Joby Talbot truly spelt magic upon the audience. The music was aptly composed to reveal the magical aura of 19th century ballet but the presentation was in every sense contemporary.

The music, light, performances truly enthralled audiences and succeeded in transforming the ambience into a true fantasy world illusion. Bob Cowley’s costume designs, imaginative sets, take on puppetry and masks were effective in creating the wonderland magical effect and bringing the characters and the plot to life.

Every character as narrated By Carroll has been as vividly projected. The queen of hearts, the muscular caterpillar, dancing playing cards, the tap-dancing Mad Hatter, each character was noteworthy in their individual unique role making the ballet production a great success. However, Beatriz Stix-Brunell was replaced by Yuhui Choe, the famous Korean dancer, in the role of Alice, due to injury for the 11th April show while Nehemiah Kish replaced Rupert Pennefather in the role of Jack/Knave of Hearts for the same show.

Sarah Lamb played Alice for the performance on 13 April. She replaced Lauren Cuthbertson due to injury. However, those fans who were at first disheartened when their favorite artists could not be viewed on stage did not regret at the end of the show as it did not redeem the magic and verve from it.

To add to the zing the Grand Royale London Hyde Park restaurants introduced a fantastic afternoon tea menu to pleasure the audience during the matinee performance. The menu that drew inspiration from the story and ballet included Queen of Hearts Jam Tart, Cheshire Cat Macaroons and ‘Drink Me’ Lemonade, as well as sandwiches and scones surely mesmerized the audience to a real wonderland tea-party experience.