Looking for a Grown-Up Halloween? Here’s Everything You’ll Need

halloween pumpkin

Halloween as a child is a great excuse to trick or treat, to roam the streets in scary costumes and gorge yourself to the point of a sugar coma. Of course, as a child there’s only so much you can take in terms of scariness, a threshold which is upped as you grow older. And whilst candy can still be a part of the adult experience of Halloween, there’s plenty more you can get on board with once you come of a certain age. Whether it’s great London parties or a scary film marathon, there’s always something for Grand Royal London Hyde Park guests to get involved with during their stay in London over Halloween.

Movie marathons at your favourite cinema

Where would Halloween be without scary films? This is a perfect time for cinemas up and down the country to capitalise on one of the most loved genres in film. Cinemas such as the Prince Charles in Leicester Square are well known for making the most of Halloween expectations and putting on their favourite scary movies. The Prince Charles cinema is especially capable of putting on a great film night and has continuously exceeded expectations. This year you can expect to see a back to back viewing of Halloween, Friday the 13th, the Exorcist and several other brilliant horror classics so you know you’ll be scared silly into the early hours.

Go to a Halloween party


London is well known for its vibrant party atmosphere and making sure that you have a great one to go to this Halloween could be the clincher between a great night out and a snooze on the sofa. If you can’t find a good excuse to get those fangs out and dress up like your favourite character, make one yourself and host a party. Be sure to include all the Halloween party games you’ll need to entertain your guests and if cooking is your forte, include some festive treats!

Host a movie night

Movie night

If you’re looking for a Halloween night which is a little lower key, why no host a movie night with you and your friends? Personal favourites include Kill List, The Shining and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and whilst horror isn’t every bodies cup of tea, the vast expanse of films out there is sure to help you find common ground with even your most sensitive friends.

Check out Halloween themed clubs and bars

halloween party

All the bars and clubs of London will be doing something for Halloween and if you can’t host a party or your home is too small for film nights, why not prowl the streets and find the best festive nights the city has on offer. Even hotels in Bayswater London will be getting in the mood with themed drinks and decorations.

Help kids have a great Halloween

kids in halloween

For the more charitable among us or those in need of an early night, help the kids have the best Halloween possible. That’s what the night is all about after all, making sure that everybody has fun and as some children may be experiencing their first Halloween, why not make it one of their most memorable by cooking up some spooky trick or treat snacks and hosting games which everybody can enjoy.