London’s modern art scene unmasked

Tate Modern

London might be synonymous with a rich history but when it comes to art, there is a distinct modern feel. Whether you’re an art lover or want to experience a different side to London, wondering through galleries will give you a chance to view renowned artists’ work and see pieces from up and coming talent. The Grand Royale London is the perfect base to launch your exploration of the capital’s modern art scene.

London’s home to some world-famous galleries but along its streets you’ll also find hidden gems tucked away. For visitors to the capital these five galleries make great starting points for unmasking the modern art scene.

Tate Modern

Tate Modern

As the most well-known of London’s modern art galleries, Tate Modern is the perfect place to head for an introduction – there’s even an exhibit that introduces the basic ideas of modern art to complete beginners. Walking through the iconic gallery, you’ll find a huge selection of work to admire in the main collection as well as the temporary exhibits. This summer you’ll be able to view celebrations of Giacometti’s and Fahrelnissa Zeid’s work.

Saatchi Gallery

The Saatchi Gallery has been open since 1985 and has gone through several distinct themes in terms of the art it shows but it’s remained known for showcasing young talent. Many of the pieces shown in the gallery are from unknown artists, giving you a chance to discover the next big thing in the world of art. The range of upcoming exhibitions for 2017 – from the Superyacht Gallery to Art Riot: Post-Soviet Actionism – shows just how diverse the art at this gallery is.

October Gallery

Showing art from around the world, the October Gallery can give you a unique perspective of different cultures without ever having to leave London. To date, it’s exhibited the work of artists from over 65 differt countries and many respected institutions have collected work from the gallery. Until the end of June 2017, you can view Kenyan born Naomi Wanjiku Gakunga’s wall-hanging sculptures alongside the gallery’s core pieces.

Barbican Art Gallery

Another iconic addition to London’s modern art gallery scene is the Barbican, along with The Curve, which features new commissions. Featuring major photography, fine art, and design exhibitions, the Barbican is well worth a trip. This summer the Japanese House exploring Japanese domestic architecture and Into the Unknown: A Journey Through Science Fiction, which combines art, film, and literature, are both on display.

West Bank Gallery

The West Bank Gallery might be relatively new to the London art scene but it’s really embraced the digital age and made art interactive. Featuring sound and visual equipment, you’ll find a wide variety of art mediums here. You’ll be able to discover both established and emerging talents too. With an urban and street edge, it offers something different to the usual galleries. It also has a focus on how the art is produced, giving you a glimpse of what went in to the creation of its displays.

If you’re planning a stay at The Grand Royale London adding a modern art gallery or two to your itinerary can inject some culture into your visit.