London’s gardens on foot itinerary

walk in the Hyde park in London

If you’re a fan of beautiful blooms, sensational shrubs and wonderful walks, then London is just waiting to impress you with the array of amazing gardens on offer in the capital.

A bustling city, London has several wonderful green spaces that are ideal for nature and wildlife lovers alike. Here is our guide to some of London’s most popular, vibrant gardens along with instructions on how you can reach many of them from the Grand Royale Hyde Park London on foot.

Hyde Park

Starting with the garden closest to our hotels near Hyde Park London, Hyde Park offers an oasis of calm in a thriving city full of people.

With beautifully maintained plants and shrubs, Hyde Park is also home to the famous Princess Diana memorial garden and the sweeping stream-like water feature that flows through the gardens.

There’s also a fantastic children’s play area complete with a pirate ship. If you’ll be bringing the whole family on a visit to London, it’s a perfect spot to let the little ones burn off some energy while you enjoy the peace of this beautiful green space.

Getting to Hyde Park from our Grand Royale London Hyde Park is simple, just head out of the hotel, and you’ll be at the park entrance in just a few minutes.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

If you don’t mind a bus ride from the Grand Royale Hyde Park London to the other side of the city, then you won’t want to miss your opportunity to visit one of the world’s most famous gardens. Kew Gardens have gained an impressive reputation since their inception in 1759 and is today a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The garden boasts the earliest botanic garden in the world and also has impressive landscapes, historic buildings and one of the rarest and most exciting ranges of plants you’ll ever see, so it’s well worth the hour long bus trip.

With so much to see and experience during your visit to Kew Botanical Gardens, it’s a good idea to leave our hotels near Hyde Park London just after breakfast. This will give you plenty of time to explore the gardens and discover the thousands of varieties of plants and flowers that flourish here – many of which you might not ever have encountered before.

Kensington Gardens

If you want to visit a quintessentially English garden but would rather travel on foot, Kensington Gardens is located just a short stroll away from the Grand Royale Hyde Park London.

Walk in the footsteps of royalty and visit the Victorian sunken garden. It is awash with colour during the summer months or, if you prefer something a little more active, take a leisurely walk around the beautifully maintained lawns and shrubs.

Visiting Kensington Gardens is free of charge, but if you feel that you’d like to explore a little of Kensington Palace during your stay at our hotels near Hyde Park London, you can also get tickets to take a tour of the palace.

The Chelsea Physic Garden

Founded in 1673 by the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries to train apprentices in the medicinal qualities of plants, the Chelsea Physic Garden is now a popular attraction for anyone with an interest in the healing properties of plants.

The Chelsea Physic garden can be reached by Tube from the Grand Royale Hyde Park London, or if you’ve packed your walking shoes, you can reach the garden in just under an hour on foot which is ideal if you’ve enjoyed a big breakfast.

With beautifully maintained gardens and a collection of over 5,000 medicinal plants, a visit to this popular London garden is a real sensory experience, so take your time during your visit to make sure you experience everything it has to offer.

St. James’s Park

A must for bird lovers, St. James’s Park is home to some very special London residents.

Calling the park home for over 400 years, the park houses a group of very well looked after pelicans. They can often be seen taking a leisurely stroll around the beautiful flower beds or enjoying a quick dip in the lake before their caretakers arrive with breakfast.

Alongside stunning floral displays and an array of well-maintained shrubs, this park is great for anyone staying at the Grand Royale Hyde Park London as it is just a short walk away from several other famous landmarks including The Mall and Buckingham Palace.

If you’re lucky and time your visit just right, you might even catch the changing of the guard, which is a real spectacle and not to be missed if you’re in the area.

To reach St. James’s Park from our hotels near Hyde Park London, use the Tube. It takes just over 20 minutes to reach your destination. Be sure to put on your walking shoes as this garden has so much to offer.

Tibetan Peace Garden

A place of peace and contemplation, the Tibetan Peace Garden sits right alongside the Imperial War Museum and is a tranquil space created by sculptor Hamish Horsley.

Based on the dharma wheel design, the garden is filled with scented white flowers, natural stones and well looked after shrubs. It makes a wonderfully serene place to while away a few hours free from the hustle and bustle of the city’s crowded streets.

Perfect for groups staying at the Grand Royale London Hyde Park with differing interests, visitors can easily spend a few hours exploring the Tibetan influences located all over the garden while other members of their group pay a visit to the war museum next door, so it’s a perfect solution when you can’t agree on where to visit!

To reach the Tibetan Peace Garden, take the tube from our hotels near Hyde Park London, and you’ll be there in just over half an hour.

If you plan your time carefully, it’s possible to enjoy both attractions in one day, just make sure you set that alarm nice and early to ensure you have enough time to enjoy everything this wonderful little garden has to offer.