London Travelers Alert – Travel Mistakes You Can Avoid

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When you plan to go someplace new, you would usually look for ‘things to do’ and ‘places to see’, but that’s not all you should look for. The importance of ‘things you should avoid’ turns out to be more than the ‘things you should do’ list. Because while you can still have fun at not so good places or get away with mediocre experiences, you wouldn’t want any bad experience in your trip. So here are a few things you should avoid in a famous place called London. We all know that London is a very busy city. It welcomes millions of visitors every year. Majority of these visitors make certain mistakes which you could have been avoided. So if you haven’t been to London yet, take a look at the travel mistakes you can avoid.

Renting Expensive Hotels – The idea behind going on a trip usually is to explore the place and enjoy the activities, visit tourist attractions and party, vacation is not about spending time in a lavish hotel. Even if you want to enjoy a luxurious stay, London is not the place to do it because hotels are very expensive here. Plus the quality of hotels is usually good even at lower levels so you do not need to head to Park Lane for the best in the world, look for decent hotels and you will still be able to spend a comfortable time in London.

Not Visiting Free Museums – If you think that a government run museum, which doesn’t charge its visitors, would be a dud, you are wrong. Free museums of London are in fact the best of the lot and not just in the city but museums like the British Museum are among the best on the planet, so don’t miss them.

Spending Too Much On Travel – Another one of travel mistake you can avoid is traveling too much in taxis. To get the feel of the stylish black cabs of the city, you can take a ride once in a while. But if you do that too often, you will end up spending a big part of your trip money on cabs. The Public transport is not too bad in the city and is the fastest way to travel, so don’t hesitate to use it.