London Olympic Games 2012 and Paralympic Games Venues


If one were looking around today, they would see growth, development and advancing technology all around. One of the best places in Europe that comes to your mind is London, the capital city of the UK. The city has shown tremendous growth in various areas like arts, media, commerce, technology, and so on and so forth. But more importantly, it has been able to sustain growth with developing technology, and stays one of the financial centres of the world.

Think about London, and the wide variety of events hosted there, and in a flash, a thunderbolt hits you. The 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. You realize what a treat it would be, if you could have the pleasure of witnessing such a big event, where records are bound to be broken and milestones achieved no doubt, especially if you could do it in a place like London.

The Olympic park, the Olympic stadium, the aquatics centre, BMX centre …. The list of places and events just doesn’t seem to end. You seem to be filled with an inexplicable sense of anticipation and your hunger for talent seems to have found a possible solution at last. You want to know your heart swell with prides as you watch your fellowmen do great things in front of the world, and be a part of that achievement, and more importantly, take home great memories. You get to watch the best of events at the best of stadiums and places, and you ask yourself “What more would I want ? “