London International Mime Festival


London has something in itself, Weather it is lifestyle, career, education, shopping or nightlife, London has it all. When we talk about London how can we forget about the festivals which are enriched with culture and ethnic beauty from all parts of the world? One such festive which is very popular and is much awaited by the whole of Britain is the Mime Festival.

So if you wish to be a part of this rare festival, then it is advisable to book your hotels fast in order to get a confirmed booking. Mime artists in today time are generally seen in TV or in theatre but what better if you get to enjoy their performance at this rare festival. Many times Mime artists are not give due applauds and respect and are very often seen performing on the corner of street or in the subways. Keeping this in mind the London International Mime Festival was designated a respectable position where artists from all over the world come and perform in front of a huge audience. It happens every year and generally runs form 11th January to 29th January. This festive has its venues all over the London including the Southbank as well as the shores of the river Thames. Few of the venues where the artists perform are the Royal Opera house and the barbican.

You will take pleasure in all sorts of performances from the conventional gloomy mime so mild music, through to unbelievable funny side presentation and very funny shows using marionette, special effects and huge attire and strut. Children often enjoy such performance and there are rides and other activities which are also organized along with mime show.