London Hyde Park Corner Attractions


London has been at the forefront of many things for centuries. This vibrant British capital was the first in the world to have an underground metro, popularly called ‘the Tube’. Hyde Park Corner refers to a tube station at the northeast corner of the park on the Piccadilly line. It was constructed in 1906 and later refurbished in 2009 to its present state. Due to its fantastic vicinity that boasts many attractions, this tube station has gained immense popularity.

The biggest attraction near Hyde Park Corner is Buckingham Palace, residence of Queen Elizabeth II. At 11:30am, the eye-catching Changing of the Guard ceremony takes place outside the palace and is attended by hundreds of tourists. However, it is in autumn that a huge rush of visitors throngs London to visit the palace as its state rooms are thrown open to public in this season.

Apsley House, located at a stone’s throw from Hyde Park, is a museum and art gallery. Also called the Wellington Museum, the house serves as an example of an upper-class English townhouse. Former home to the Dukes of Wellington, the house has an impressive collection of art objects collected by the 1st Duke. The house’ Drawing Room and the semi-circular staircase as still in their original shape as these where when it was completed in 1778.

To the south of Hyde Park Corner lies the fashionable Knightsbridge, home to Harrods and stores including Gucci, Dior, Burberry and Boss. London’s historically aristocratic Mayfair lies to the north of this station and leads all the way to Oxford Street, Piccadilly and Regent Street in different directions.

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