London for Food Lovers


Besides its other attractions, London is also famous for its numerous food options that are a gourmet’s delight. If you are travelling to London for business or for pleasure and if you are a food lover, London is the right place where you will get delectable food conforming to different cuisines. If you are staying in a hotel in central London, you will find that most important restaurants are located within walking distance from your hotel and you have the option of choosing the one that would satisfy your taste buds the most.

Several food festivals are also held in London such as the BBC Good Food Show, Taste of London, Taste of Christmas and the London Restaurant Festival. These festivals offer the right platform for restaurants, food producers and kitchen suppliers to exhibit their products. Moreover, the city also has many schools and restaurants that offer cookery demos with different course durations ranging from just a single afternoon to those lasting several weeks. The most popular cuisines are Indian, Chinese and Thai. You can also learn how to butcher besides learning how to cook.

If you are a resident of London, you will find many markets where you can pick up many varieties of fish and other gourmet and exotic products such as artisan breads, cheeses, oyster and Zebra steaks. There are many markets such as KERB in the King’s Cross area where you can get some excellent street food such as dim sum, Austrian food and spicy Indian burgers.

For health foods, you should go to Whole Foods on High Street Kensington and for fresh fruit and vegetables the best place is a market like the Farmer’s market.