London for everyone- Enticing bonus miles for Aeroplan and Mileage Plus members


London, the most happening place in the world which is famous for a lot of reasons is one of the most visited travel destinations in the whole wide world. This international city of London is immensely popular for having diverse population which gives rise to a whole new entity. This integral eccentricity of London is what turns everyone and also makes as a perfect tourist getaway attracting the number of travelers from different corners of the world to let them experience the amazing world of tranquility which is going to add a distinctive charm your vacation mood. The amazing enthusiastic ambiance of London is what sets it apart from others and also makes it a desirable place for organizing a plethora of cultural events.

This is another most unique specialty which the capital city of London takes pride in and it is the amazing way of keeping each and every visitor enthralled with in one way or the other. You may hardly find such engaging capability in any other travelling destinations in the world. Your upcoming trip to London is going to be a myth buster for you as all the myths that you have been hearing about this city is going to be proved wronged. You are going to spend some amazing time in this city which is famous for delivering to all the needs and necessities of the tourists in an amazing way. Getting bored while visiting this city is simply out of the question and you may not know when your vacation will get over as you would love to get yourself embraced with the popular activities which make the city famous. London is for everyone and there is hundreds of proofs to add base to the subject. For the art lovers, there is a plethora of art galleries and museums which one must look forward to visit during his/ her trip to the city of London. For the theater lovers, there are some amazing theaters which are well established and offer a good time to the visitors who look forward to enthrall themselves by catching up good theatrical performances at the live stage shows by both experienced and amateur performers.

The London theaters are best at organizing great shows which makes the audience thrilled with the performances. Even the kids also feel it amazing to enjoy the plays for kids at the various children’s theaters in the city of London. London appeals to all age groups. The visitors find it extremely over whelming to find the amazing way in which the city caters to the needs of each and every visitor and has room for al and one. There is something for everyone. The distinctive nature parks are for people who love to spend some quality time amidst nature and absolutely adore London for delivering them with the most beautiful holiday break which they have always desired for. You can simply enjoy your vacation by making sure to visit the not-to-miss places in the capital boasting high on their respective cultural heritage. Each and every cultural attraction speaks volume about the architectural magnificence of the then architects who had such engineering prowess of creating some of the iconic historical buildings at that age which are appreciated till date.

Some of the finest examples of the glorious historical architectural significances would definitely be Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Westminster Abbey and many more. The nature lovers can content their heart by taking a river cruise trip on River Thames which will make them get a closer view of the historical essence of the city while enjoying the city’s eccentric ambiance from the cruise itself. Some breath taking views of London scenario would please your eyes as you glide under the Tower Bridge. These amazing historical structures add up to the artistic glory of the city’s cultural diversity. The enriching cultural diversity is another aspect which you would enjoy exploring.

As you walk on the streets of London, you will be thrilled to feel the vivid existence of the past in every corner of the city. it is home to a different variety of people which adds up to the diverse cultural background of London. Since various people coming over from different parts of the world have made London as their permanent residence, hence you will be able to get a taste of a variety of food which you can savor your taste buds with. The English eateries offering world class dishes prepared by reputed chefs are what you should look forward to during your next trip to the city. You can make your convenient visit to the city of London by availing the flight tickets.

According to the latest news, United Airlines and Air Canada who are partners of Star Alliance will let the Aeroplan and Mileage Plus members to get an opportunity earn up to 35,000 bonus miles if they operate non-stop flights between US or Canada and London Heathrow International Airport. The bonus miles which they will be earning would be banked to either United or Air Canada. Ione can take advantage of this purpose by purchasing tickets in eligible fare classes during a stipulated period and the offer valid from 23rd September 2014 to December 12, 2014. Bonus miles could be earned at the following rates:

• 7,500 miles after 1 round-trip, or both a first and second one-way segment
• 10,000 miles after 2 round-trips, or both a third and fourth one-way segment
• 17,500 miles after 3 round-trips, or both a fifth and sixth one-way segment

For the Mileage Plus members, the bonus miles which they will be earning would not get counted as Premier Qualifying Miles and will be posted to the account of Mileage Plus after the promotion offer ends. The Aeroplan members are eligible to use the direct routes of flights from London and Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, St. John’s. The offer is not valid if one is travelling on an Air Canada Unlimited Flight Pass.