Little Venice Neighbourhood Guide

Little Venice canal in London

London is full of little hidden districts and areas that are often not as high on people’s London bucket list. Quieter areas like Little Venice can often go overlooked by visitors and tourists who only have a few days in the city, but places like this offer a more enriching experience of London than some of the bigger tourist spots. Located just north of Hyde Park, the Little Venice area offers those looking for a quiet and more peaceful London experience somewhere to relax in the sun and escape the busy city streets. If you find yourself wanting to get away from the hustle for a few hours during your trip, then take a look at Little Venice Neighbourhood guide to know some of the things you can do in and around Little Venice in London.

Canal Boat

The tranquil area of Little Venice is known for its gorgeous canal systems and peaceful waterways. If you really want to relax then head for one of the many canal boat tours and spend the afternoon lazing in the sun as you float gently from Little Venice all the way to the Docklands. A boat tour is the perfect way to see the sights of London without having to deal with busy streets and hectic trains. Enjoy a cold drink in the sunshine as you float past beautiful natural scenery and iconic areas such as London Zoo and Camden Town. Little Venice in London has become renowned for its idyllic scenery and perfect location near so many beautiful waterways.

Little Venice canal in London


It may be surprising to think that such a quaint area is where you can see some of the best shows in London, but Little Venice is full of independent theatres where you can enjoy some of the city’s top fringe performances and comedic acts. Head to the intimate Canal Café Theatre to see a show you’ll never forget from some of the city’s best new talent. Sit by candlelight as you spend the night crying out in laughter with friends and family. Head over to the Puppet Theatre Barge and watch one of their daily shows for a truly unique theatrical experience that actually takes place on a canal boat.

Lord’s Cricket Ground

Lords cricket ground, London

Just a little further up the main canal in Little Venice you’ll find one of London’s oldest sporting venues. The Lord’s Cricket Ground has been the stage for hundreds of famous games and tournaments that have brought millions of spectators from around the world to London. Sports fans staying at our hotel London Hyde Park won’t have to travel far to find this historic sporting venue, which means you’ll have time to see the beautiful scenery of Little Venice.

Kensington Gardens

Kensington Gardens

Just next to Little Venice you’ll find one of the most beautiful green hideaways in London. Kensington Gardens is the perfect place for a couple to take a walk or for you to relax in the sun and read your favourite book. Take a trip to this quiet spot and find yourself in the middle of a scenic paradise where you can escape the stress of the busy city.


  • How do I get to Little Venice from London?

You can reach Little Venice from Warwick Avenue’s Tube station with a five-minute walk. From the station, head south on Warwick Avenue and you’ll soon find Rembrandt Gardens and the waterways on your right hand side. Other underground stations nearby are Edgware Road, Royal Oak and Maida Vale. Read more

  • Is Little Venice London safe?

Little Venice is completely safe. Also, Central to the many sites makes it a great base to explore London.

  • Why is Little Venice called Little Venice?

The name, Little Venice, was given to the junction between a canal leading to the Paddington.