Kayaking Fun on River Thames

Bridge on river Thames

Thames River of England is a place where many a history of Britain has unfolded itself. This river has been a witness to the long historical legacy of UK. This river has been a part of English folklore, rhymes and endless scope of leisure activities that are perennial source of entertainment.

River Thames is beautiful and the famous London Bridge has been a magnetic travel attraction for globetrotters. River Thames is the other name of a vibrant entity in England which provides many a scope for entertainment activities in the form of adventure sports like kayaking.

Tourists who are of the adventurous sort seek for kayaking tours when they are in the land of River Thames, London.  Thames River Kayaking Tours offer the most thrilling travel experience when you cruise along the famous river and all its picturesque canals. Endless scope of serene paddling is assured once you resort to kayaking adventures. In fact, it is perhaps the most exciting way to discover London and its outskirts because Thames happens to be the largest river in England. Moreover, just like bicycle tours it is the most eco-friendly adventure activity.

London is a city of hustle and bustle but if you want to discover the other side of the city, then kayaking tours is a great way to experience the tranquil vistas of England.

From three main locations you can start on a dynamic kayaking tour under the strict supervision of qualified Canoe instructor, if you are an amateur. You can also choose from daytime tours as well as sunrise tours and romantic sunset tours.