Hyde Park Accommodation: The Comfort Quotient

Grand Royale London

England is crazily cosmopolitan. It is a remarkable combination of old world and new world. If you are a tourist and want to get a taste of the London life is like the best thing to do is look for accommodations in the mot happening places. Hyde Park happens to be the biggest park in central London. If you get hold of accommodation near Hyde Park not only you get to stay in the heart of the most happening and vibrant city of the world, you get an access to avail all kinds of transports to travel in and out of the city and the outskirts, and also get to visit places like the Royal Albert hall, Harrods and Kensington Palace and the museums on Exhibition Road. Places like London Kensington are modern day cultural hubs, an experience worth giving a go.

If you want to get a glimpse of the old world charm you may consider availing the classic British luxury hotels. No doubt this falls under the category of expensive Hyde Park accommodations but places like them offers a wonderful rich slice of rich Victorian décor and the vibrant English lifestyle.

Luxury Hyde Park accommodations in England are not just about how lovely their interior decoration are or how magnificently they bring alive the historic eras and old world English traditions, they also showcase features of the new world. It’s a combination of old world classic décor and the brand new technology. You may have a travelling back in time experience but you will not be deprived of the basic amenities of the 21st century. Some of these places provide free WI FI facilities, and other perks as well. The gigantic beautiful hotels are the symbol of British heritage and culture. Some of them were built back in the seventeenth century. Some of these buildings, which now are swanky stylish hotels, have some intriguing incidents behind them. In 1850 Edward VII sanctioned erection of a luxurious mansion for his mistress Lily Langtry. Presently that happens to be the Grand Royal Hotel one of the most splendid and beautiful Hyde Park accommodations.

Most of these magnificent buildings blend the old English charms with modern technology. Commercially speaking, these luxurious hotels are a big hit among tourists. Moreover with the upcoming festive seasons of diamond jubilee celebration and the gala 2012 Olympics these hotels already have way too in their platter.