How to Tackle Depression?


Traveling through life’s road can never be a smooth and a hassle free for anyone. The man who has never fallen in life will probably never learn, grow or mature. But overcoming a difficulty may at times plunge one into serious depression. Let’s pause here. Did you just say ‘depression’?

Don’t we all have bad mood, aren’t we all sad for various reasons at different points in our lives? Most of us will agree and say, yes, heartbreaks, inability to meet one’s expectations, lack of self-esteem have been a part of each one of our lives at some or the other point. So how do we differentiate between occasional sadness with depression?

To begin with, the reasons for depression and sadness are not varied. Some would like to argue that depression varies across genders and across people suffering different forms of social disadvantage like poverty and illiteracy. Low levels of education, food insecurity, indebtedness are strongly association with the risk of depression. Poverty and depression interact in a vicious negative cycle. A number of non-communicable and congenital diseases can be a reason for prolonged worry and depression. A person suffering from a serious ailment for a long period might lose hope from medication, repulse from one’s social life and thereby fall prey to depression.

Having said this, we must also understand the fact that any normal person of any age, gender and social and economic status can face depression. It can affect one and all. Children as young as those in kindergarten school might get depressed because of his or her inability to perform as per as the parent’s expectations. On the other hand old people are more vulnerable to depression and other mental diseases as they reach an age where along with loss of physical agility one starts to feel neglected by one’s family and the society in general. In youth and in the Middle Ages, a stressful job, a break-up in a relationship, divorce or the death of a close one can be some of the reasons for depression. Besides, use of alcohol, drug abuse and prolonged use of certain steroids can also be a cause of depression.

While poverty can be a pain to live with, being rich and successful is not the key to all forms of happiness. Films like bicycle chief, life is beautiful, Charlie and the chocolate factory can remind of the fact that a family can be perfectly happy in spite of living in abject poverty. Conversely, the real life of successful film stars like Robin Williams can tells us that success and wealth cannot be the yardsticks to measure happiness.

It is not always easy to find out the symptoms of depression. But it might begin with lethargy and having a general negative attitude towards life. A depressed person generally avoids waking up in the morning and tries to stay aloof. Conversely one might also end up sleeping too much. Besides, a depressed person might lose appetite or gain too much weight in a short while. One will lose interest in activities those were earlier pleasurable. All in all, major symptom of depression is the denial to face life, losing self esteem and the inability to look into a better or a brighter future. As the situation worsens, a person often tries to attempt suicide or cocoon oneself into complete reclusion.

At this stage it becomes difficult to tackle the situation as most of us are unaware of the fact that state of our mental health can be a cause of medical supervision. Physical illness is easily identifiable and it is a common phenomenon to visit a doctor even when we are suffering from something like common cold or flu. When it comes to mental health all us seem to be a little reluctant to take proper medical advice.

But the truth is just like any other disease depression can also be treated with proper medication and guidance. Good anti-depressants at the initial stages can help to get a balance in one’s head. Thereafter, one much remember that one need to talk to a good doctor or psychiatrist and explain one’s problem and try and find a solution for the same.
Nowadays, there a number of helpline numbers run by organizations that treat mental health. So one can easily call up and ask for advice by remaining completely anonymous if one wishes to be.

At all the stages of depression, talk therapy can be one of the most effective ways in which one can find a solution. One to one talk with a doctor, a friend or a therapist will always prove helpful. A group chat therapy where people from all walk of life come and discuss their problems can be another way to fight depression. These kinds of interaction can not only help one express one’s emotions but also get encouragement from other people’s life and struggle.

At the end, one must remember that life is not an even path for anyone and giving up one’s life without seeking help or treatment is cowardly act. So one should always look ahead and give life a second chance.