How to plan the ultimate romantic stay at the Grand Royale London

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If you’re planning a couple’s getaway, there’s no better place to spark romance than in the beautiful city of London. The historic streets, iconic attractions and large selection of luxury locations provide lovers with a long list of things to do.

Our hotels near Hyde Park London offer a luxurious home away for couples looking to spend time together and rejuvenate their relationship. Here at the Grand Royale London Hyde Park Hotel we love bringing people closer together and we hope our romantic London guide will make your stay extra special.


When you’re planning your romantic city break, whether you’re staying for a week or just a weekend, it’s important that you find somewhere to stay that is indulgent and comfortable so you can relax together after a long day of exploring London. There are plenty of hotels near Hyde Park London and our luxury suites offer partners a perfect romantic getaway at the heart of the city. Be sure to also consider location and accessibility as you want to ensure that your hotel is easy to reach from local transport links.

grand royale london hyde park

Date nights

In order to keep the romance alive during your trip to London, it’s always a good idea to think ahead and have some exciting date nights planned. There is so much to do in London which means you’ll never struggle to find something fun to occupy your time. Be sure to make your plans suit you and your partner’s interests to make your time in the city more memorable.

Romantic Date

If you’re a couple of classic romantics, you may enjoy a gourmet dinner for two followed by drinks at a luxury London bar. However, if you’re the type of couple that prefers to have a laugh and try new things, check out places like Soho and Camden for alternative entertainment venues and quirky bars.


One thing you’ll never struggle to find in London is great food. The city is a diverse mixing pot of different flavours from around the world and thanks to the vibrant mixture of culinary cultures, there is always something for everyone. On your travels around the city, you’ll find everything from traditional Spanish diners to authentic Chinese street food.

Street Food

Still, it always helps to have an idea of good places to eat before you begin your adventure. Do a little research and check out the local eateries so you know the perfect place to have a light lunch or romantic dinner. You’ll always be able to start your day off properly with an exquisite breakfast at the Grand Royale London Hyde Park Hotel.

Romantic spots

There is no shortage of historic landmarks and iconic attractions in London which means you’ll never struggle to find somewhere to take a romantic walk or enjoy a kiss under the city lights. Whether you’re in search of the perfect selfie spot or you want to explore the history of London together, there are plenty of romantic places to find. Venture into the beautiful area of Westminster and snap a couple’s selfie in front of Big Ben on the Westminster Bridge or head over to Trafalgar Square and steal a kiss under the lights of the fountains. Romance is alive in London so be sure to find some of the hidden gems throughout the city.