A Grand Royale guide to travelling with kids


Travelling around a busy city like London can be stressful enough as it is without having to keep an eye on your little ones. The busy Underground stations and hectic streets can make it hard to keep track of your youngsters especially if they’re quite adventurous.

Don’t let the stress stop you from coming to London with kids because there are plenty of amazing things to see that are worth the potential stress. If you’re not totally convinced, this helpful guide will ensure that your stay at the Grand Royale London Hyde Park with the kids is safe, stress-free and most of all fun.

Science Museum In london


Being prepared for your trip is always the first step in making sure your holiday runs smoothly. To avoid any tears or disappointed faces it’s a good idea to set an itinerary and plan out your days. There are literally thousands of amazing things to do and see in London so it can help to plan ahead and check out some of the fun family activities. Travelling to London with kids doesn’t have to be stressful and you can make sure everyone stays happy by making a list of places to visit before you make your journey.


When you’re travelling around such a busy city there’s always the worry that you may lose track of your little one. That can be a very scary thought but there are things that can help make sure it doesn’t happen. Talk to your kids before you get to the city and explain how busy it is and how important it is that they don’t run off. If you’re travelling to the city with more than one youngster it may even be a good idea to dress them in a high-vis jacket while you’re at busy places such as train stations or airports. A bright orange vest will sure make it easier to keep an eye on them.


There are a lot of benefits to travelling in London with kids, including the discounts and family packages that are often available. You may be worried that a trip to one of the country’s most expensive cities with the kids is going to bankrupt you but there are plenty of attractions and activities that offer discounted family passes and free child entry. Be sure to plan out some of your activities beforehand and see what offers you can get.

Emergency bag

You never know when one of your little ones might cut their knee or spill something down their new top so it’s always a good idea to keep a bag full of emergency supplies. Before you head out on your London adventure, stock up on plasters, wipes, clean tops and anything else you think you might need throughout the day.

Stay calm

Although it can be stressful at times, a family trip to London should be a magical experience that you’ll remember forever so always try to stay calm. It’s important that you enjoy yourself as much as the kids, so be sure to take time for yourself and relieve any stress.