Google Glass’s Cool New Designs and Super Cool Travel App

Google Glasses

We all know what an awesome invention Google Glass is. Sometimes it just feels like that it’s a part of a 90’s sci-fi film but it is amazing that such a technology is actually available today. We all have a Smartphone, but who needs a Smartphone when you can do everything a Smartphone does, without even using your hands. It will give multi-tasking a whole new level. As there is still some time in its launch, the developer’s team keeps on adding new apps to make it even cooler.

Though Google glass is already pretty handy but if you are a traveller, it might hand you a pretty useful tool, which will definitely benefit you if you are going to a place whose language you are not familiar with. While it won’t do anything as drastic as translating what others are saying, it will definitely tell you what’s on the menu. This app will translate for you text written in different language into English, making your travels ultra convenient. Imagine how easy it would become to understand directions or to order food. There are many apps in phones that help you translate but nothing is this quick, convenient and requires only a look.

The success of the app and the device itself is a mystery but even with minor glitches, this app will change the way you travel, drive or eat out in regions with unfamiliar language. What’s more, changes are not only being made in the content department, but work is being done on making the glasses look more stylish too. With the introduction of 4 new looks of the wonder glass, it won’t remain the favourite of only geeks.

I always wondered whether people with weak eyesight, who do not wear lenses, will be forced to wear spectacles under the Google Glass, much like 3-D glasses in movies? Apparently the makers of the Glasses are smart and they have considered this factor already. You can fit your prescription lenses in your personalised set of Google Glass. Whenever it opens up for the market, it is going to change the way we see our world.