Get to know Borough Market

Borough Market

Borough Market is one of London’s oldest and most respected markets. Offering a wide variety of shops and stalls, the market has a unique history. Here’s everything you need to know about the market and what it has to offer visitors.

Borough Market

The history of Borough Market

Borough Market is one of the oldest markets in the whole of London. Its origins date back over a thousand years, with the exact start date unknown by historians. The date most commonly referred to however, is 1014. This was used as the basis for the market’s millennium celebrations in 2014.

Standing at one end of London Bridge, the town of Borough was once the only route into the City of London from Southwark and the other towns, cities, and bustling ports of the south. This made it a prime location for a market, where locals would sell their goods to passing travellers from either side of the Thames.

Borough Market as we know it today is a result of a long battle between authorities in the City of London and citizens of Borough and Southwark. In 1406, Henry IV passed a decree that gave authorities in the City of London control over the market, making it an extension of the City.

This continued into the mid-1700s, when authorities declared that the market should be shut down due to the congestion it was creating on Borough High Street. This angered local people, who fought hard and raised over £8000 – well over a million in today’s terms – to buy their own land for a brand-new market. By 1756, the market was fully established, creating the foundations of Borough Market as we know and love it today.

The market today

Today the market offers visitors the chance to buy freshly grown produce and delicious meals. You’ll find street food from across the globe, bakeries and butchers, fish stalls, fruit and vegetable stands, and even a place to get your hair cut.

The market also holds regular events, including demos with top chefs, food festivals, and even the occasional free dance class for aspiring ballroom dancers. With so much variety and the opportunity to buy home grown produce, the market is a must visit for anyone planning a trip to London.

Where to find Borough Market

Borough Market is located in Southwark, close to the cathedral. From the Grand Royale hotel, you can easily get to the market via the Tube. We are conveniently located around the corner from Queensway Station, where you can travel down the Central line to Bond Station. A quick change to the Jubilee line will take you to London Bridge station in Southwark, just five minutes away from Borough Market.

If you plan to travel by car or taxi from the Grand Royale Hotel London, the exact address of the market is Borough High St, London, SE1 9AH. Or, if you’re seeing the sights of London by foot, you can get to the market through Hyde Park and across the Thames, with plenty of sights to see in between!