Get the Camden vibe like a Londoner


London is home to many different cultures and vibes, and that what makes it special. Camden Town of London has a distinct vibe and flavour that is hard to miss and not love. Camden differs in character and feels from the rest of the London city. Famous for setting by the canal, its gothic look, food, music, its markets, offbeat shopping and more- Camden is the way of life for many Londoners.

Located at a sweet distance from the Grand Royale Hotel in London Hyde Park, Camden is a must-visit. Enjoy a luxurious yet comfortable stay the Grand Royale Hotel when you plan a trip to London. Its location makes it easy for you to explore the city and the services at the hotel make sure you are well looked after every day of your trip.

For you to enjoy Camden to the fullest and just like a Londoner here’s a list of must-dos to follow:

Food markets

Camden is home to a variety of food cuisine. The air is filled with the delicious aura of multi-cuisine stalls all around. The stalls offer Indian, Brazilian, Mexican, Thai, Chinese and many other cuisines to choose from. You will find mini cupcake and ice-cream stalls too.

Wall art

Camden’s character is defined by its quirky, creative and massive wall art made by various street artists. These wall arts are inspired by real Camden inhabitants and their lifestyles. Plus, the restaurants and cafes in Camden are famous in London for their food and drinks. Enjoy the best fish and chips at Poppies or a fine dinner at Gilgamesh.

Shopping In London


If you are a lover and seeker for unique, creative and out-of-the-box fashion, then Camden is the place to shop. It’s a classic place to find young designers selling their not-so-high-street fashion jewellery, bags, clothes, home furnishings, tableware, accessories, posters and more. There are many shops that sell funny, sarcastic yet real posters and quotes for your home. The shops here sell an affordable variety of Boho and Goth shopping, specials from different cities around the world and lots of leather goodies.

Night clubs

Camden is famous for its night clubs, jazz music and live bands. The famous singer Amy Winehouse was also a livewire in Camden.


The Chalk Farm market

Walk through the Chalk Farm market in Camden to enjoy more shopping, food and the vibe of Camden.

Canal boat ride

Chill in the cafes around the canal or take a boat ride on the canal for some scenic and relaxing moments, or you can simply walk by the canal and enjoy Camden to the fullest.