Flying solo- things to do by yourself near the Grand Royale London

Reading Book

A trip to London will create memories that’ll stick with you forever, which is why millions of travellers from around the world visit the city every year. The huge list of things to do and see in London is what keeps people coming back all the time and the city’s amazing attractions are part of what makes each trip so unique.

London is alive with cultural vibrancy and has something for everyone, regardless of whether you’re travelling with family, friends or by yourself. If you’re planning a solo trip to England’s capital then our guide will give you a list of activities, attractions and venues that are perfect for one person. The liveliness of the city will soon have you feeling at home and keen to seek out adventurous experiences in London. Try our suggestions will help you make the most of your visit.

Walking tour

A walking tour is a great way to see the sights of the city because you’ll be shown around by people who know all the best spots and views. Stroll along the ancient streets of London and peek into vintage shops and luxury boutiques. Ramble through famous boroughs and snap pictures of London’s many historic landmarks and amazing attractions.

The great thing about a walking tour is that you’ll be with other visitors and tourists, which gives you a chance to meet new people and socialise. If you’d rather take your own path and have time to yourself, then try using a map-based app to plan your ideal route through London.

Reading Book

Read a book

The city is full of gorgeous book shops that specialise in new releases and vintage titles of all different genres. If you enjoy a good book then you’ll be spoiled for choice when you get to London. Head to one of the city’s many book shops to browse the huge selection of authors in search of something that takes your fancy.

London is full of hidden areas that are perfect for settling down and reading a book. The Grand Royale London Hyde Park Hotel is located right next to London’s most famous park, which is an ideal setting for a relaxing afternoon read.

Take a class

If you really want something meaningful to take away from London then you don’t need to fill your suitcase with trinkets and mementos, instead consider taking part in a class or workshop. Learning a new skill is fulfilling and fun, especially when you’re doing it such a vibrant city.

If you’re a creative person or you just want to have a go at something you’ve never tried then try taking an art class. There are plenty of professionals around the city that teach all sorts of things like painting, sculpting, drawing and writing. If you fancy something a little more active then try a dance class or take part in a sports tournament. Whatever your preference you’re sure to find something in London that will help you add an extra string to your bow.