Family Hotels near Hyde Park


London is one of the best destinations for spending your vacations, particularly with your family. It is not a cheap city and travelling with your family might cost you a packet. However, there are many family hotels near Hyde Park that are family-friendly and will not burn a hole in your pocket. All that you need to do is to do a little research and plan your trip well in advance and you will be able to strike a good deal that will ensure a fantastic vacation for you and your family.

Staying near Hyde Park has great advantages as the park offers 350 acres of lush green space where you can walk, do horseback riding, play tennis, skate, swim, and do some boating. If your hotel is near Hyde Park, you and your kids can just flip across any time of the day. Moreover, since this area is at a walking distance from central London, you will be able to do most of your sightseeing, shopping and eating in famous restaurants without travelling far.

You can really be spoil for choice in choosing the family hotels as there is a plethora of 3 star hotels which provide a healthy balance between economy and the necessary amenities. Besides the hotels, London offers many serviced apartments that are ideal places to stay if you are with your family. These apartments also have fully-equipped kitchens where you can do cooking and save money by not having to eat in restaurants. Moreover, the serviced apartments offer all necessary amenities that will make your stay as comfortable as possible. It will be ideal if the apartment chosen by you is located near Hyde Park.