Explore the grand garden square and more attractions at Bloomsbury, London

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Moments away from the Grand Royale Hotel in Hyde Park are the iconic Bloomsbury areas of London. The Grand Park Hotel provides unmatched luxury and comfort in the heart of the city. Here you will experience modern accommodation preserved with heritage value. It’s ideally located for visitors to enjoy an easy and relaxed stay.

To explore the history and heritage of Bloomsbury, here’s an exciting compilation of things to see in this area and know about it.

Parks and Squares

Historically associated with arts, education and medicine, in this fashionable residential area you will find London’s finest parks, buildings and garden squares like Russell Square, Bedford Square, Bloomsbury Square, Queen Square, Gordon Square, Woburn Square and Torrington Square, Tavistock Square, Mecklenburgh Square, Brunswick Square and Coram Fields. Lots of important associations, organisations and hospitals are established in these squares. These squares are also home to important research centres, organisations, universities like the London school of business and some massive hospitals of London.


The area is also famous for its many museums like The British Museum, the transport museum; Foundling Museum close to Brunswick Square, the Cartoon Museum, and the Dickens Museum is in Doughty Street, The Petrie Museum and the Grant Museum of Zoology. In Bloomsbury you can also read more about the history of London at the British Library.


Food and drinks

Bloomsbury has a very lively nightlife and is home to great pubs and cafes. You can eat at the famous Dalloway Terrace, Skinners Arms; enjoy the Afternoon Tea at The Montague on The Gardens, the Blue Door Bistro and more. Add little fun and have a great time at the Bloomsbury Lanes bowling alley, which also has an American style diner.

English Country Garden Cocktail at Shaftesbury Grand Royal


When in Bloomsbury you will find the evergreen West End musicals and theatres that provide an entertaining experience for you and your family. You can get on to the Hop-on-Hop-Off tourist buses to get an enchanting view of the city.


Close to the famous Hatton Gardens, this place is ideal for precious jewellery shopping. Plus, with Covent Garden’s Apple market, Jubilee market and famous brands, you will easily find all the great shopping experiences London is famous for.


Some notable residents of Bloomsbury area are Virginia Woolf, W.B. Yeats, Ricky Gervais , Charles Dickens, Charles Darwin and J. M. Barrie.