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With hardly time left before the abundant awaited 2012 Summer Olympic Games, several are claiming that the London Hotels aren’t work to host the tourists that are projected to arrive by 2012. London can become the primary town to officially host the fashionable Olympic Games thrice having previously done therefore in 1908 and in 1948. 4 star hotels London in London are known worldwide for providing the most effective services, the foremost luxurious accommodations and also the experience to thrive within the hospitality business for years. Then what else build London Hotels unfit for 2012? The actual reason has nothing to try to neither with hotel facilities, nor with the greater than before rates in London hotels.
The answer: low wages for hotel employees and crew. Based on a report given by Unite the Union and London electorate, the most imperative civic alliance within the capital, London hotels are said to be giving terribly low wages to hotel staff as well as employees and crew, cleaning agents and hotel managers. The report titled, Rooms for Change: Putting London hotels not off course for the Olympics, explains that “the heart of the matter is that the treatment of staff and also the management’s reliance on a transitory, migrant labor force that’s employed and fired.”
Rooms for amendment additionally lobby for an agreement to be signed by hotels that sets out minimum terms and conditions for all staff so they’re going to have enough rights to guard themselves from abusive employers. This report additionally proposes the key to creating London hotels work for 2012: adopt the London Living Wage or LLW that is ready at £7.45 at this time.
The LLW has been campaigned for since 2001. it’s endorsed by Mayor Boris Johnson and already supported by several corporations, agencies and companies like KPMG, HSBC, Barclays, the Tate Gallery, the Department of Families, colleges and kids, Tower Hamlets Council and also the Westfield shopping precinct.
This campaign justifies that so as to create the London Hotels competitive; they must invest in strengthening their workforce. The competency of a hotel doesn’t solely admit its physical attributes like the grandeur of the suites and also the class of the architectural styles from Victorian and Renaissance Periods. The true competency of a hotel depends on those that man the establishment. By adopting the LLW and investing on service coaching and English categories for his or her staff, London Hotels can produce a milestone of improvement within the state of their services.
As for Unite the Union and London voters, they need 3 a lot of years to prove that their answer in promoting the hotels’ competency is that the right thanks to achieving success. Whether or not this LLW is that the real key to creating London Hotels work for 2012 has however to be answered in a very few years’ time.
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