Enjoy a relaxing day out at Lammas Park


Location: Bordering Culmington Road/Elers Road/Windemere Road/Northfield Avenue, Ealing

Visitors to London hoping to enjoy a taste of the British countryside without the need for hours of travel can do just that by making a beeline for one of the city’s spectacular hidden gems – Lammas Park.

Hidden in the back streets of Ealing is a perfect place for lovers of simple relaxation to head to, with this wonderful rural retreat great for families, couples and anyone with some time on their hands to simply relax and unwind.


Beautiful surroundings in which to relax

Dating from 1881, Lammas Park takes its name from the original use of this pristine area of park land in the inner city, which was specifically an area where local land tenants could graze their cattle.

Today, the park is a beautiful and relaxing place for visitors to come and unwind, providing a welcome getaway from the hustle and bustle of the busy city that surrounds them.

Lovers of tennis can enjoy a day of sport at one of the venue’s 19 lawn tennis courts, while there is also plenty to do for those who prefer a more sedate getaway. The park features a central bandstand that is perfect to enjoy for anyone hoping to kick back and decompress after a hard day’s sightseeing.

London Park
A small war memorial can also be found near the South Lodge entrance to the park, which was erected by the Boy Scouts in 1949 and offers a timely reminder of the history and heritage of this wonderful area.

Covering almost 23 acres, Lammas Park is truly a great place to head to for anyone with a love for nature, with flowering blossoms at the height of summer, through to the crisp and sedate mornings of spring, autumn and winter.

Other attractions for Lammas Park visitors

The fun doesn’t end when visitors have seen the sights of Lammas Park though, as the area near this popular attraction is also chock-full of outstanding places to visit for anyone with some spare time in their itinerary.

Visitors can be assured there are some exquisite attractions to be found in the local area, but bear in mind that Lammas Park is outside the epicentre of the English capital and therefore people will need to invest some time in travelling to see these sights. That said, here are some of the city’s best nearby attractions:

  • Kew Palace (2.5 miles, 30 minutes’ travel time via public transport)
  • Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (2.7 miles, 23 minutes)
  • The Pagoda (3.3 miles, 35 minutes)
  • Hampton Court Palace (7.6 miles, 1 hour and four minutes)
  • Madame Tussauds London (7.7 miles, 41 minutes)
  • The London Dungeon (9.3 miles, 46 minutes)
  • Hungerford Bridge and Golden Jubilee Bridges (10.2 miles, 45 minutes)
  • Ripley’s Believe It or Not! (9.1 miles, 39 minutes)
  • Hyde Park (6.7 miles, 47 minutes)
  • Imperial War Rooms, Churchill War Rooms (8.8 miles, 45 minutes)
  • Big Ben (nine miles, 39 minutes)
  • Tower of London (11 miles, 57 minutes)
  • Tate Modern (10.2 miles, 57 minutes)
  • The View from the Shard (10.9 miles, 50 minutes)

Travel options for Lammas Park guests

For individuals keen to take as much of the hassle out of getting from A to B during their time in the English capital, the London Underground network (also known as the Tube) can be a godsend.

Offering swift and easy journeys to many areas of the city, there are several stations in close proximity to Lammas Park that travellers can make use of, such as:

  • Boston Manor (Piccadilly line)
  • Northfields Station (Piccadilly line)
  • South Ealing Station (Piccadilly line)
  • Ealing Common Station (District and Piccadilly lines)

Meanwhile, overground rail links to the area including the stations of West Ealing and Ealing Broadway, with regular services in operation throughout the day and into the evening.

Local bus services also operate around the clock, offering an easy travel option for people who would prefer to see the sights during their journey to and from the area’s many popular attractions.

Full details of all public transport options for visitors to the area can be found by heading to the official website of Transport for London. Here, visitors can find out all manner of information, including Tube station opening times, bus and Tube timetables, plus much more.

Parking near Lammas Park

Finally, for anyone hoping to hire a car during their time in London, the area around Lammas Park offers a number of secure parking facilities for travellers to make use, including:

  • Arden Road Car Park (0.9 miles, 17 minutes’ travel time on foot)
  • Singapore Road Car Park (0.9 miles, 18 minutes)
  • Ealing Broadway Centre Car Park (one mile, 19 minutes)
  • Spring Bridge Road Multi-storey Car Park (1.1 miles, 22 minutes)
  • Boston Manor Park Car Park (1.1 miles, 22 minutes)
  • Windmill Road Car Park (1.1 miles, 23 minutes)

However, motorists are reminded that traffic volumes in London can be dense throughout the day, so planning journeys in advance and pre-booking parking (when possible) can be a good way to ensure travellers will not be left high and dry and looking for a parking space when they arrive.