Eminent Landmarks near Hyde Park in London

Hyde park

Hyde Park in London is one of the best city urban parks over the world. It offers a great, serpentine lake, a huge field and several ornamental and attractive flower gardens. With a great location itself in the heart of the city of London, which is one of the finest places of tourism in the world, a holiday at the Hyde Park would be wonderfully pleasurable, relaxing and enjoyable.

The Hyde Park provides something for people of all ages and interests. You can get pleasure from skating, cycling, swimming and boating. There are arenas for team games, in addition to tennis courts, horse riding fields and an impressive children’s playground, which is built in the memory of the late Princess Diana of Wales, the beloved People’s Princess.

It offers and also for the number of tourist spots, top attractions and landmarks that are located in, around and near Hyde Park, which you can visit during your stay there. These attractions can be easily reached through the excellent transport links within and near Hyde Park, railway stations and underground metros most of which are located conveniently next to the major hotels of Hyde Park. The Hyde Park also has two beautiful lakeside restaurants which are certified and serve everything from a three-course meal, with great cuisines to a swift mug of coffee.

Hyde Park itself is a charming area. It even has a great serpentine solar ferry, which you can enjoy during your stay. It offers a picturesque, paradise – like cruise on the beautiful serpentine lake that cuts across Hyde Park in a scenic and gorgeous way. Some of the well – known top attractions near Hyde Park are Queensway, Madame Tussauds, Bayswater, the Piccadilly Circus, the London Zoo, the Buckingham Palace, the British Museum, the House of Parliament, the China Town, the Princess Diana of Wales Memorial Playground, the London Eye, the Serpentine Slacker Gallery, the National Gallery and so on and so forth.

The Buckingham Palace is located in Westminster, and can be easily reached from the Hyde Park through the railway stations, underground and subversive rail stations. A great place for tourism, the Buckingham Palace is one of those attractions you can easily reach from your base at Hyde Park.

The British Museum is situated at the Tottenham Court Road, and is easily reachable from Hyde Park through the excellent transport links interconnecting the major spots of Hyde Park to in, around and near it that include the Paddington Railway Station and several other bus terminals and taxi stands.

Madame Tussauds is not more than a 15 minutes’ walk from Hyde Park and is at a convenient position located at Marylebone.