It could be a moment of zen you’re after, or a rare plant for the botanist in you, but London is home to some of the best gardens in the country. This might surprise you; London is a city of high rising skyscrapers and rumbling train tracks, not the best setting for a dense and lush garden. However, you’d be surprised at what you can find if you look beneath the surface. These hidden gems could be found under a viaduct, or down some backstreet’s winding alley, but if you are observant, you’ll find a space to relax and be at one with nature.

Queen Marys Garden

Below are just some of our favourite blink and you’ll miss them gardens. A handy hint: stop looking at the ground and gaze to the sky because even if your staying at Hotels near Hyde Park London, there’s still plenty more greenery to pilfer through in the city

Queen Elizabeth Garden

Among the hustle and bustle of the South Bank, look up to the terraces of Elizabeth Hall and you’ll find a haven of terraced gardens and a great bar selling beers and cocktails. On sunny day on the South Bank, look out over the balcony to see some of the best views of the river this side of the London Eye.

Japanese Rooftop Garden

Located at the top of the SOAS university building in Bloomsbury, the Brunei Galleries Japanese roof garden recreates the perfect roof garden for you to relax in. With water features and minimalist shrubbery, the rooftop garden is one of London’s best kept cultural secrets, taking you straight to the heart of traditional Japan. The Rooftop Garden is interesting in that it follows the strict principles of Japanese Gardens, making sure that the ratio and rock placement are just right for their complex needs, as well as making room for wisteria and other shrubbery.

Inner Temple Garden

The Inner Temple Garden is located just behind Fleet Street and is surrounded by Oxbridge style houses and even the 12th century church of the Knights Templars. Here you can find gardens with beautiful flower beds and colourful flowerbeds, ensuring that you’re always in a chilled out and vibrant environment despite the inner-city busyness.

House of St Barnabas Garden

Based in Soho, you can join the registered homelessness charity and gain access to their secret garden, giving you access to the creeping vine on brickwork terrace, full of great energy and a beautiful range of events.

Eastern Curve Dalston

Based in the East London area of Dalston, the Eastern Curve is a community garden with bars and allotment areas. This garden is one of the social hubs of the Dalston area, especially during the summer time.

Barnsbury Wood

Barnsbury Wood is in Islington and is allegedly London’s smallest nature reserve. The area is known for its abundance of wildlife and small streams, making it a perfect place for some rest and respite. Whether you’re looking for a toad or sixteen spot ladybirds, the Barnsbury Wood is one of the best places to for finding out how to save our environment, especially in the city.