Cool events in London that don’t require planning

London Bridge

When it comes to performance art in London, there’s a lot that you need to plan for. Cheap show tickets disappear months in advance while big-name performances on the pop scene are a nightmare to get access to. Basically, if you’re not lurking on Ticketmaster at the exact moment tickets are released, you’re out of luck.

However, there are some special festivities and events that you don’t have to plan for – take our advice and seek out the three we’ve selected below.

Camden Lock 17 – Back to the Folklaws

Lock 17 is an attractive little bar overlooking Camden Lock. Hidden between the markets and the water, it is a fantastic place to grab a cool drink on a hot day. It also boasts this fantastic little music festival during the summer months – a free event focused around folk music. Four hours of live acts from 7:30pm every single Wednesday.

The Scoop – free entertainment at London Bridge

London Bridge

Ever wandered along the banks of the Thames from London Bridge towards Tower Bridge and asked yourself what the little concrete theatrical space is used for? This space – euphemistically named the Scoop – is the venue of a free outdoor concert during the warmer months. With the months of June, July, August and September taking on a focus of either theatre, music, art or sport at the area, you can always bank on something fun happening. Whether it’s live screenings of Wimbledon or innovative plays, you won’t be disappointed.

Berry Delicious Cocktail at Shaftesbury Grand Royal

London Cocktail Week

Ah, cocktails. Is there anything better than a Slippery Nipple in the heart of Soho? Answer: no. At least, not if it’s done properly. Innuendo and intoxication flow freely – a wristband cost is handy if you’re going to be downing a few. Especially given that the average price of cocktails in the capital is around twice that.