Can Traveling really Cause Mental Illness?


Travelling is mostly enjoyable and for those who know how o extract the best out of it, it can be fun also. This is the common fact, but not always. There may be times when excessive travelling can make you tired and sick. It may start out as fun and frolic and end up as sickness, fever, vomiting, with a feeling of – OH, when will I reach back!! ?. This is because; sometimes there can be too much exertion and stress in travelling. The body metabolism is different from person to person. While some may be able to endure the physical strain of extensive traveling, some may not be. For them too much of jumping from one place to another, going for activities like, safari , trekking, forest walks etc may not be their cup of tea. After some time, travelling rather than a pleasure becomes a acute headache.

However it need not be taken as a inherent truth that traveling can make you sick and have a mental illness. A proper balance has to be made between the body set up, stamina, the day to day diet and the demanding requirements of a sudden travel schedule. A too much of an imbalance can make the sturdiest of the person a wreck and can make the entire travel program a misery. Imagine a schedule of landing in London today and in the same day covering, Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, V&A museum, Notting Hill, Kensignton, Paddington and by end of the day rushing from to Scotland to view the major sight there. Next day you come back to London and from there take a train to Paris. In Paris you spend whole day visiting, Champ De Elesyss, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and catch a late night train to Belgium. Your Schedule is such that in next 2 days you need to cover Belgium, Germany, Netherlands and then catch a return flight to Singapore from where you started.

Well the scenario is something that can be very well imagined. By the time, you are getting ready to catch the train from Paris to Belgium, you are just thinking when this will get over and when I can get back home. This could be a rather sad end to a trip which you would have planned for the last 5 years and more. In this case, yes travelling will certainly make anybody sick.

The best way to avoid all this mess and have a healthy journey is to travel less in accordance with your physical and mental stamina. Spend quality time at tourist places with in city and then move on. After very departure from one city, you should feel more refreshed and rejuvenated. This will make the trip memorable.