Buckingham Palace Parks

Buckingham Palace Park

London is a city of Royal palaces and parks. Many visitors after enjoying a tiring day in the usually crowded high streets of London find recluse in one of the large serene park of the city. London also has thousands of private and pubic gardens adding to the natural beauty of the city. So, if you are visiting London, save a day to visit some of the historic parks of the city.

Royal Parks located near Buckingham Palace are especially popular with visitors. St. James’ Park, for instance, offers fantastic views of the palace from different angles. Designed by John Nash, this park is the oldest of all Royal parks in London. The picturesque lake in the park harbours pelicans, ducks and geese that offer a feast for the eyes of the visitors. The major attraction in the park is the Mall where many ceremonial parades are organized and national events are celebrated.

At a touching distance from Buckingham Palace is Green Park that is spread over 19 hectares of lush green land. Popular for its peaceful ambience, this park attracts a lot of locals and visitors as well. Its rolling grass and mature trees offer a great environment to enthusiast joggers who can reach the park as early as 5.00am. Admission is free to the Park.

Hyde Park is another popular Royal park near Buckingham Palace and covers 350 acres of land. This makes it the largest of its kind in Central London. Its finest landscaping and large playgrounds attract many visitors. Several music concerts and sports events are also organized in the park every year. It has something to offer everyone, irrespective of one’s age. With its 4000 trees, a large scenic lake, an historic horse riding yard and a meadow, the park makes you forget that you are in the heart of crowded London. Many visitors also sneak into the neighbouring Kensington Gardens that are popular for a scenic playground for children, Peter Pan statue and the Albert Memorial.

All the parks located near Buckingham Palace feature numerous hotels in their vicinity. These hotels offer a vast variety of London accommodations to potential visitors to choose from. So, get going now.