Booking a London hotel – things to consider

London hotel

London’s reputation as one of the finest cities in the world for history, culture and nightlife. And on top of that, it’s just plain fun. But if you’re planning a visit anytime soon, it’s well worth considering our top tips before booking a hotel. Take a look below for some general advice when booking London hotels.

1) Pick your hotel type

London offers a range of accommodation that is unmatched by most other cities in the world. For single travellers and friends who just want a bed to lay their heads, hostels are often great value. Couples wanting a romantic setting, meanwhile, while be spoilt rotten by the number of luxury options on the market. Then there are the many novelty and quirky options that include an old courthouse (The Clink), boutique favourite Rough Luxe and the themed kitsch and garish Pavilion Rock and Roll Hotel.

2) Location is key

Key to price. Key to ease of access to the centre. Location is one of the most important aspects to consider when thinking about your ideal hotel in London. Perhaps you want to be close to the premier shopping opportunities in Regent Street, Covent Garden and Oxford Street? A place near Piccadilly Circus would suit you best. Or maybe you want to be at the heart of the West End where all the theatres are, in which case somewhere near Leicester Square or on the Strand might be best. Don’t care where you go, but simply want the best deal? London’s suburbs offer the cheapest accommodation and you need not spend a fortune getting into town provided you have a travel card.

London hotel

3) Seeking out your best option

Online comparison tools are often what we turn to first in this day and age when looking for something, and hotels are no different. Make sure that you choose one that allows you to manipulate various settings and arrange your results in a different order. If you want to only see hostels or B&Bs, you should be able to do so. Similarly, if you want to make your selection based on the cheapest offer, you should be able to sort your results by price. All this will help you get the perfect hotel in London.