Best Eating Out Options in Amsterdam


The beautiful city of Amsterdam offers more than just pretty sights. And if you think that your business trip will not be as fun as that of a guy on a holiday, you can’t be more wrong. The amount of fun a business executive can have in such cities is at par with the leisure seekers and when it comes to eating out at fancy restaurants, executives are much better off. When in big cities, all the meetings and discussions are held at the finest hotels and restaurants. Deals are finalized over a fancy lunch or a dinner at the best restaurant in the city. And everyday your work brings in more joy than responsibility.

I know this because I have been travelling on business trips for a long time. Of all the cities I have been to, Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful places. I am especially fond of restaurants and great diners so here is a list of the best eating out options in Amsterdam.

Nam Kee – Yes, as the name suggests it is a Chinese restaurants. But it is not ordinary restaurant, it is the best Chinese restaurant in the entire country. Their popularity is such that there is film and a book named after some of their preparations like Oysters. You can hardly get a reservation at any of the Nam Kee restaurants, but when you do, you will realize that it is worth the effort.

Ciel Bleu – Michelin Stars have been a testimony to the sheer brilliance of a restaurant and not just the quality of its food but also its service and décor. This international cuisine restaurant has received 2 Michelin Stars and is one of the most celebrated restaurants in town. Enjoy exquisite wine and an ever evolving menu of this amazing restaurant.

Restaurant De Palmboom – Located in Radisson Blu Hotel, it is the perfect place to taste authentic Dutch cuisine. Food is prepared with fresh and locally produced ingredients. Its presence in an internationally renowned hotel and closeness to a wonderful brasserie makes it a perfect choice for a nice business meeting.