Afternoon Tea in London

After Noon

Afternoon teas can be a great socializing factor. If you are thinking of a reunion or a just a chit chat session then an afternoon teas in London can be a great option. There are quite a few cake and pastry shops and coffees hops which provide an awesome socializing venue. All you have to do is take some time out from your busy schedule send you children to their grandparents and make a quick call to few of your favorite friend and rush to the cake shop which is right behind the corner. It is not a tough task to find a fine pastry shop in close vicinity to your house.

The Modern Pantry and dainty pastries by the Corinthia Hotel’s cake guru Clair Clarke are few of the most known pastry shops in town which offer the most tasty cakes and pastry along with a wide selection of drinks ranging from warm drinks to cold drinks. The interior and the décor completely match with the mood. It’s a great way to enjoy a cozy afternoon with great company with some mouth watering snacks and treat your taste buds. London is most famous for rebounding and strengthening old ties. Along with this you can also try your hands on some baking and learn some secret recipes from one of the best bakers in the house. What better than taking back some sweet memories and some precious secret recipes along with a great afternoon.