A sightseeing itinerary for fans of the British Royal family

Kensington Palace London

Many of the most famous London landmarks and attractions act as a real draw for tourists and travellers all over the world, but the Royal family is just as popular as Big Ben when it comes to attracting visitors.

One of the most famous families in the world, visitors flock to take a glimpse of the many palaces and royal residences that have been used by members of the royal family for generations. Here are our top picks for a British Royal family itinerary when you next visit London.

Kensington Palace

The current home of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their little family, Kensington Palace is just a short stroll away from the Grand Royale hotel Hyde Park London, so it’s a must-see stop on any monarchy-heavy tour.

With immaculately maintained gardens and the opportunity to take a tour of the Queen’s Apartments and other areas of the property not currently in use by the royals, a visit to Kensington Palace allows you to find out a little more about the history of the monarchy first hand – perfect if you’re a fan of TV shows such Young Victoria.

Once you’ve explored the palace at your leisure, take a stroll back to our hotels in Bayswater road London via Hyde Park to enjoy some peace and tranquillity away from the crowds.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace In London

Thousands of fans of the TV show The Crown flock to Buckingham Palace even though the show isn’t actually filmed there. However, those lucky enough to be staying at our hotels in Bayswater road London during the summer months might just be lucky enough to grab tour tickets to explore the palace interior and see how members of the family live.

With several beautifully decorated apartments, banquet halls and reception spaces fit for a king, a visit to Buckingham Palace is a real treat for fans. There’s also a small collection of artwork on display at the Queen’s Gallery, so make sure you make a beeline for the exhibition to see priceless artworks direct from the Royal collection.

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle

A home for members of the Royal family for over 900 years, pay a visit to the place where Harry and Meghan said ‘I do’ by taking a 10-minute walk from the Grand Royale hotel Hyde Park London.

With several ornate formal rooms to marvel at during your visit, take the time to find displays including Queen Mary’s dolls house and the tiny dinner services laid on the miniature dining room table. Another highlight to look out for is King Henry VIII’s suit of armour, which was worn in battle.

As an added bonus to your visit, if you’re still in the area at around 5 pm, you’ll be invited to enjoy the evensong service that starts at 5:15 pm on most evenings. Not only will you be able to enter the chapel where Harry and Meghan got married, but you’ll also be able to enjoy the heavenly choirs that sing each evening free of charge.

Just make sure that you get in line early as this is a very popular service.

Princess Diana Memorial Garden

Princess Diana Memorial Garden

No Royal family itinerary would be complete without a visit to the Princess Diana Memorial Garden.

For those staying at the Grand Royale London Hyde Park, the garden is located just a few minutes’ walk away at nearby Hyde Park, so you won’t need to rely on London’s public transport network to reach your destination.

With beautifully maintained plants and shrubs, a stream-like water feature and a children’s play area, this popular London green space is visited by nature lovers, families and those wanting to visit important landmarks relating to the British Royal family. Make sure that you plan your itinerary carefully so that you have enough time to pay a visit to the garden and enjoy the tranquillity and serenity it offers.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

The venue for many modern Royal weddings and coronations, Westminster Abbey is an iconic piece of history that is closely intertwined with key events in the lives of the monarchy.

The venue for Queen Elizabeth II’s wedding and coronation plus the more recent wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the abbey is open to visitors all year round. Here, you can bask in the splendour of the building and get a closer look at the coronation chair that has been in use by British Royals since the 14th century.

To reach Westminster Abbey from our hotels in Bayswater road London, take the Tube from nearby Bayswater station using the Circle Line, and you’ll be there in just under 20 minutes.

If you’re planning to visit a little later in the day, take the Tube from our hotels in Bayswater road London at around 4 pm and try to get to the abbey before 5 pm as you’ll be there just in time to enjoy the daily evensong service, available seven days a week.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral

If you’re looking for a spot that hosted another iconic Royal wedding, St. Paul’s should definitely be on your Royal family itinerary when staying at the Grand Royale London Hyde Park.

The venue of choice for one of the most famous Royal weddings in history, the marriage of Diana and the Prince of Wales in 1981 was televised around the globe with a great deal of attention being paid to the 25-foot train sported by Princess Diana.

With the cathedral’s world-famous dome dominating the London skyline, visitors staying in our hotels in Bayswater road London can reach St. Paul’s Cathedral in just 20 minutes via Tube.

Before you plan your visit, make sure to ask the concierge at your hotel to find out if any services are taking place that day open to members of the public as these events are a real spectacle which perfectly showcase one of London’s most beautiful places of worship.