A Rainy Evening in London


So you have slummed it all week in office, working with all your heart, eagerly waiting for the weekend to arrive when you will finally be able to live it up in London. When the day finally comes, you throw your formals on the floor, put on some comfortable casuals and head out for walk in the beautiful city or may be a beer or two; you feel that your hardwork is paying off. This is the time when London decides to become wet city. Yes, it rains randomly in London and when it rains, it really comes down hard.

It is particularly frustration for a visiting business executive to be stuck in such a situation. You are away from your home, you are amidst strangers, you don’t have anyone to pamper you occasionally and you don’t have company. If at such a point it starts raining heavily, it can become a bit gloomy. So what to do when rain gods decide to spoil your London fun? I have learnt that this is the best time to give yourself a break from the city.

You will want to head out, quickly call a cab and head to your favourite pub, but why make such an effort to have beer. Order some food in your room, get a couple of drinks and relax. Breath in the occasional stillness of the city around you, watch the rain from window and listen to some nice music. Let me tell you, watching a bit of TV is not such bad idea either.

But the best thing to do in such a time, when London is excusing itself from all the rush, is to call your loved ones back home, spend some time with them, talk to them about your day, ask them how they have been. You will realise there is nothing more fulfilling than having your loved ones and friends close to you when everything else is shut out. Occasionally I would head to the grand royale hyde park hotel’s bar or lounge and share a few drinks with others like me. After a while you enjoy the rain, like I do.